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Cell Phone Security in the Age of the Smartphone

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

Cell phones used to be just…phones. Years ago, while there were ways for those communications to be accessed, the idea of cell phones as prime hacking and eavesdropping targets was barely a consideration in those days. Now, of course, things are different, and it has a lot to do with the fact that cell phones are computers. “Smartphones,” as they are called, can do everything your laptop and desktop computers can do, which means they are every bit the targets for hacking as your stand-alone computers and tablets. If you’re like many folks nowadays, you find yourself increasingly reliant on your cell phones not only for your electronic communications with the rest of the world, but for things like banking transactions and other sensitive operations that are largely the centerpieces of your day-to-day life.


Given all of this, how much thought have you put into the security of your cell phone, to include your cell phone communications? Hacks of cell phones are becoming more common as it is recognized by criminals that so many people now perform so many operations on their cell phones, and the capturing of cell phone communications is now an ever-present threat, as well.

Specific Benefits On Just The Topic Of Cell Phone Privacy In This Course:

  • The best spyware and anti-virus software for your smartphone
  • The best way to backup and protect your smartphone content
  • Top encryption options to make your phone 'spy proof'
  • How to disable tracking on any smartphone

The Patriot Privacy Kit, a comprehensive, 142-page digital manual about how to stay safe, secure, and even “invisible” while using your various devices, has some great tips and resources on how to “muscle up” your protection as it pertains to your cell phone use. The Kit provides excellent information on antivirus products designed with mobile devices in mind, as well as resources that allow you to access the web on your cell phone without being monitored by your mobile Internet service provider, and even products that enable you to encrypt your calls and text messages (note: the person with whom you’re communicating has to be using the same service in order for it to work)!

Other Course Benefits:

  •  Move Past LifeLock: While a fantastic system that I recommend, it only protects about 10% of what really matters.
  • Avoid NSA flag words
  • Secure E Mail Options
  • Secure Internet Browsing Options
  • Password Security
  • How To Clean And Protect Your Computer
  • Lock Down Your Home Internet Connection
  • Properly Use A Firewall
  • How To Use Programs That Will Hide Your IP Address

The Patriot Privacy Kit is loaded with information on both online and offline personal security, and comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. The bottom line is that as our dependence on the Internet and electronic devices of all kinds continues to grow, it’s important for those of us who are not “techno-geeks” to have a quality resource to which to turn so that we may be better prepared to stay as safe…including as anonymous…as we can when going about our business; The Patriot Privacy Kit is that resource. For more information, click here.