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The parents of Leland Shoemake shared a note they found at their home, which was left by their son prior to being taken to the hospital. The six year old was fighting an amoebic infection, and lost his battle while being treated at an Atlanta hospital. His parents returned home to select the clothes he would be buried in and found this note. Leland was a first grader at Pike County Primary School. He had been sick for almost a month. It is believed that he contracted the infection while playing outside. Leland also leaves behind a one year old... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Donald Trump, who has ridden to the top of the GOP polls on a wave of bombast, has increasingly found himself on the receiving end of criticisms that bombast is ALL he has, and that there is, in fact, no meat between the bread of a Trump sandwich. The Donald, in part, attempted to hit back at those who say he’s short on specifics as to just what a Trump administration would do, when he unveiled on Monday his tax plan for the country. A closer look at the Trump plan seems... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Cell phones used to be just…phones. Years ago, while there were ways for those communications to be accessed, the idea of cell phones as prime hacking and eavesdropping targets was barely a consideration in those days. Now, of course, things are different, and it has a lot to do with the fact that cell phones are computers. “Smartphones,” as they are called, can do everything your laptop and desktop computers can do, which means they are every bit the targets for hacking as your stand-alone computers and tablets. If you’re like many... Read more →

An interesting article here that Rush Limbaugh brought up on his show today. While we may never know what really happened to the prior Pope, this is a very fascinating, and frankly, believable narrative here. Pope Francis does fit the bill as a liberal that could be a transitional figure to move the church to the far left. The Mystery of Pope Francis: Was There a Vatican Coup? | Power Line THE MYSTERY OF POPE FRANCIS: WAS THERE A VATICAN COUP? One thing that that has puzzled a lot of people since the selection of Pope Francis two years ago... Read more →

On this episode documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert discusses his two recent movies, Dreams From My Real Father And There's No Place Like Utopia. Among the topics covered include why President Obama has cut ties with his half brother Malik, was Frank Marshall Davis more than a mentor to Obama? Gilbert says that there is overwhelming evidence that Davis was the biological father of the president. Has the mystery finally been solved about Obama's college years? What will he do in his last few months as president? What will the lasting legacy of Barack Obama be, and will he be viewed... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses why he believes that the Pope's visit should have been paid for with private donations. Also, why did the Pope meet with only five victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy? Is there more to the story of the John Boehner resignation? New scams are using the name of Publisher's Clearing House, AAA warns of staged accident scams, Bill Clinton blames Republicans for Hillary's e mail controversy, and California lake mysteriously runs dry overnight leaving thousands of dead fish behind. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large With the support of a variety of groups and organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Facebook, and the University of Pennsylvania, there’s an innovative website out there now through which high school students can earn “micro-scholarship” money for smaller individual achievements realized throughout their high school careers. is something “new and improved” in the world of college scholarships, where everyday students can earn money as they make their way from freshmen to seniors; the opportunity makes scholarship money accessible for young people in a way that has not existed... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large I’ve written in various forums lately about how the student debt crisis has come to far outsize the issue of educational loan obligations, more singularly, and has resulted in further-reaching financial consequences for young adults beginning their journeys as mature consumers. Graduates carrying significant, monthly repayment obligations have found it more difficult to seamlessly enter the world of professional consumerism…cars, houses…with the money burdens lingering from school, and that unfortunate reality has stunted both their growth into full adulthood, as well as the growth of the economy, at large. As it happens,... Read more →

Staff Writers Of Donald Trump announced today via his Twitter account that he will not be appearing on Fox News shows for the 'foreseeable future.' Trump's feud with Fox News began in earnest after he felt he was treated unfairly by moderator Megyn Kelly during the first Republican debate. It was believed that Trump and Fox had settled their differences, but recent attacks on Trump by guests on Bill O'Reilly's program have reignited the dispute. Fox News countered that it canceled Trump from appearing on tonight's O'Reilly Factor prior to Trump's announced boycott. Read more →

Despite not being a Catholic myself, I am happy to see the Pope visiting our country, as I know how much joy this brings to the Catholic community. Yes, the Pope is officially considered a 'head of state' as the Vatican enjoys the status of a sovereign power (granted to it through a treaty in 1929). The reality, however, is that the Vatican has less than 1,000 citizens and occupies a space of just 110 acres. Even if it is technically considered a sovereign country by international law, based on its size and population it hardly justifies the money U.S.... Read more →

The long anticipated final month of September 2015 is here and Bible prophecy scholars are warning that it could be a major week for prophetic events. The Pope will be at the White House and also addressing a joint session of Congress. The fourth blood moon of the tetrad comes in just a matter of days. Jim also comments on the Pope's visit to Cuba, Donald Trump's Muslim controversy, new loan requirements for those with student loans, and major changes coming to the FAFSA student loan application process. Read more →

In November 1988, Hugh John Simmonds CBE, Margaret Thatcher’s favorite speechwriter and the author’s best friend, boss and political mentor, turned up dead in a woodland glade a few miles from their sleepy suburban hometown 20 miles west of London. To learn why his best friend was murdered, Geoffrey Gilson journeyed into the dangerous world of international arms deals, covert intelligence operations and high-level political corruption and discovered a secret that explains much of contemporary history. A quest for truth which, after 20 years of high-risk adventure coupled with painstaking research and firsthand interviews, uncovered the ugly reality that, for... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large I’ve talked about minimalism off and on through this space, as well as through the Christian Money Plus members-only site, and I’ve done so with some admiration for those who have been able to make the break from a consumer-oriented lifestyle…to one centered on owning as absolutely little as possible. In my own life, while it would be inaccurate to say I have devoted myself to minimalism, I have been slowly winnowing my possessions in the interest of working to get my life to as uncomplicated a configuration as possible. Granted, coming... Read more → Staff Writers September 28 is just a week away. To most people, there’s nothing noteworthy about that date, or the day on which it falls (Monday). To them, it’s just one more day on the calendar. To prophecy-minded Christians, however, it is a date of great significance, and one in possession of the most ominous of implications: To some, September 28 is the date of the “blood moon apocalypse,” a moment in time when Biblical foretelling and the present, significant upheavals in evidence around the globe will come to a head, resulting in the dramatic end times events (some... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large I’ve written before about the Alive After the Fall package, and I’m doing so again here because it is something about which to rave, in my opinion. For those who are interested in how to persist through acutely distressed conditions, there’s no such thing as too much information, but I have to say that I continue to be impressed by the amount of information contained in just this one package. The basis of Alive After the Fall is the notably high risk of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that can plunge an... Read more →