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Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

One of the common mistakes made when self-defense is taught is that the instruction too often ignores the simple “basics” of defending oneself, and instead focuses on the teaching of detailed, multi-step techniques that are not practically learned or applied by average people who do not devote themselves to ongoing, intensive training. Fine motor skill and complex motor skill techniques, like joint locks (fine motor skill) and multi-step techniques (complex motor skill) are tough for people to functionally learn and apply. The problem is threefold: First, fine motor skill moves are very difficult to effectively apply in the fast-moving, unpredictable, hyper-kinetic environment that quickly characterizes a self-defense situation - the ability to sharply execute such moves in real life, even if you’ve come to do so in practice situations, diminishes as stress levels increase; second, it can be particularly tough for a smaller person to effectively execute such moves against a larger one, even if the smaller person has achieved some mastery of the techniques; lastly, they are just difficult to learn to an appropriate level of proficiency. In short, they are not very useful for the majority of people.

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What will always be a better option is to learn the “down and dirty” fighting techniques that are completely divorced from fine and complex motor skill movements. Biting is a great example of one, and so is scratching, particularly for women with their finely-honed nails. I have previously talked in this space about a self-defense presentation, called 15 Brutal Fight Enders, that features a lot of basic, effective techniques which are very simple to learn; in one of the instructional segments, James Painter, featured because of his mastery of a prison-based fighting system, discusses the application of biting in self-defense situations. Although he walks through different scenarios in which a bite can be applied, he also makes the point that biting itself is not something any of us has to practice – we each bite every day, all of the time. Anyone who has been bitten accidentally knows how painful it can be, so if you were to bite someone with great ferocity and determination, not only could doing so cause blinding pain, but the resulting damage caused to an assailant could be very significant.

Biting as a self-defense technique is a good example of how one can properly equip himself when he’s willing to “re-think” the concept of self-defense. Too many consider self-defense in terms of learning how to fight. That’s not what it is – self-defense is about learning to prevail over a threat as quickly and as effectively as possible, in any way necessary, so that you may extricate yourself from the situation and immediately relocate to a safe environment.

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