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By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

I’ve been around combat fitness and self-defense a long time, on both personal and professional levels – I have trained a lot of people through the years in my capacity as both an I.S.S.A. Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning, and I’m always on the lookout for any kind of instruction that I think might be of particular value to folks who don’t have either the time or interest to devote themselves to more intensive, ongoing training (which I do recommend pursuing if you seek to become a complete self-defense “fighter”) . On that note, I wanted to mention a video program that I think has value at two levels – first, in terms of the techniques and quality of instruction demonstrated…as well as with respect to the cost of the materials: all they want you to pay is the shipping - $7.95 (you may also pay tax on the shipping charge, depending on your state)…which makes this a terrific deal. 


The product is called 15 Brutal Fight Enders, and the title very accurately describes what it’s all about – learning simple moves that are designed to quickly and effectively end a street conflict. A wide variety of techniques are demonstrated by a host of quality instructors, including former U.S., Israeli, and Russian military special operators, hall of fame martial artists, even a one-time federal prison inmate (there’s a total of 18 different instructors who teach on behalf of this product). There are so many scenarios and defenses covered that it’s not possible to describe them all in this space, but they include techniques to defend against punches, bear hugs, headlocks…how to respond to an attack using head butts and bites (that’s right, I said bites)…even how to effectively use improvised weapons, including a comb, to defend yourself.

What’s more, the total length of the video trainings is a little over an hour and a half; in other words, this is not some cheesy promotion wherein you pay only a little, but end up receiving very little - there’s a lot of good information on here dispensed by true professionals in the field of close-quarter, hand-to-hand combat.

Some techniques are very simple, others slightly more involved, but nothing complicated…and for the price, this is a deal: again, just $7.95 for shipping, plus tax (if it applies in your state). You will receive the trainings as a physical DVD package, but you’ll also be able to access the information immediately as a video download. For what you receive, the $7.95 price tag makes this a real bargain, especially because in addition to the 15 videos, there are four bonus video trainings, as well as both an audio…and transcript of the audio…of Alpha Signals, which is all about how to effectively apply non-verbal communication cues on behalf of your physical safety – good stuff!

I almost forgot to mention this, because the cost of the materials is already so low: the product comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you feel the need to ask for a refund, you can have it…but I doubt you’ll ask – there’s just too much great information here, and even if you don’t find yourself using it, it would be worth keeping just to give to a friend or family member to have.

Now, while some of the techniques are very simple, I do suggest finding a partner and practicing these, when you can. Even moves that are comprised of just a couple of steps can come to be expertly learned when you have a live, human partner with whom to train. This is not to say that practicing the techniques in a solo, “shadow box” type of fashion is without value; there is value to meaningful practice of just about anything, in any way possible. However, when it comes to self-defense moves like those demonstrated in Fight Enders, you will always be better served by having a training companion, and you don’t need a fancy setup; some clear space in the garage, or the backyard, or even the living room…will do.

Something else – you should know that there are various “upsells” of even more elaborate training videos that will be visited upon you if you choose to buy Fight Enders. Buy those or don’t buy those…that’s up to you. I have yet to purchase any at this point, although I may, in the future. I will say that, from what I can tell, they certainly look very good, and are suggestive of the professional quality exhibited in Fight Enders.

This will not likely be the last time I mention a self-defense product in this space – like I said, I usually keep my eyes open for good products that are characterized by great value, and with only the shipping to pay for 15 Brutal Fight Enders, this package undeniably meets the definition of “great value.” I wish you well in your training! Grab Your Free Video Click Here