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On Top Of Everything Else, Jared's Charity Was Also A Sham (Subway)

Jared Fogle, the former Subway pitchman who recently pleaded guilty to charges related to child pornography, is now being accused of having set up a high-profile charity that, ultimately, did basically nothing of what it said it was going to do.


The Jared Foundation, which was supposed to be giving millions to schools and other youth-oriented groups for the purpose of teaching good dietary habits to young people, apparently never made even one grant. Although it collected donations for years, the charity never brought in all that much money, and now, according to records obtained by USA Today, what relatively little it did bring in was mostly used to pay the salary of the charity’s director, Russell Taylor, who was himself arrested back in April on child porn charges (his case is still awaiting resolution).

It is theorized that Fogle set up the charity solely for the purpose of enhancing his image, and never intended to take its stated purpose seriously. Based on the fact it appears to have done practically nothing in the way of charitable endeavors, it’s difficult to quarrel with that assessment.