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By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

It appears that the only question now about the “lone wolf” style attacks and efforts at intimidation we’re seeing in America is if they are a temporary phenomenon, or if they are now a part of the national fabric for some time to come. We have borne witness to deadly attacks of varying types that have plagued the American countryside for years now at the hands of those sympathetic to the radical Islamist agenda, and it appears that these efforts are only growing. U.S. service personnel have proven to be special “targets” of interest in the last year or so of groups like ISIS, and not just those military operators who are actually engaged in direct combat overseas; you may recall that ISIS posted a “hit list” online back in March containing the names of 100 American military personnel, complete with addresses, encouraging U.S.-based “lone wolves” to find them and kill them…and few of those named had any direct relevance to overseas combat operations.


Now comes word that men of Middle Eastern extraction are informally, but abruptly, approaching family members of U.S. service members at their homes in the states of Colorado and Wyoming. In one case, the wife of a service member was approached by two Middle Eastern men who declared that she was the wife of an interrogator, and when she denied this, the men laughed at her and departed in a vehicle occupied by other Middle Eastern males. Reportedly, numerous, similar incidents have occurred in these states recently, and although the FBI is tightlipped about the events, it is understood that the Bureau is quite aware of what is going on.

The threat of “lone wolf” attacks against service personnel is real, and all who are in the military, or who have loved ones serving, should remain on high alert. Although serving in the military is, and should be, a particular source of pride, I would encourage everyone to remain “understated” about their service until the threat at hand is better contained, which, sadly, may take years.