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How To Survive The Coming Collapse

With the latest upheavals in the stock market, and the influence of other major economies’ woes…like China’s…in causing problems for U.S. investors, many are reminded, once again about how interrelated our financial fortunes are with those of people and governments located far, far away. As much as we would like to think it not so, we really are living in a one-world government, a one-world society…where troubles elsewhere can very directly and very abruptly cause problems for Mr. and Mrs. John Doe living in Anytown, USA. This is another reason why it’s important that you spend at least some time making sure that you have an ability to withstand at least a temporary period during which the living environment becomes very distressed.


Conquering the Coming Collapse is a 134-page ebook that provides a solid overview on the topic of practical survival. What do we mean by practical survival? The kind of survival that’s needed when facing distressed conditions that, while challenging, are temporary and wherein societal structure and order is maintained in at least the most basic way. Oftentimes, survival scenarios created by educators in the realm will focus on the direst of circumstances that lead to the most extreme of long-term living conditions, and will do so because they invite the most dramatic survival presentations. Make no mistake, we are not of the opinion that any of that is an impossibility, but it’s prudent to focus predominantly on the likeliest, rather than the unlikeliest, of distressed circumstances.

On that note, one of the features of Conquering the Coming Collapse that we like is its focus on bugging in, as opposed to bugging out. For those new to survival, “bugging out” is the term used to describe one’s hasty relocation from a home site. Bugging out is, by definition, a relatively extreme step, resorted to when the home is compromised somehow. Being prepared to bug out is important, and having a bug-out bag, equipped with appropriate supplies, should be a priority for any serious prepper, but, that said, it’s going to be more important for most people to know what to do when bugging in; the simple reality is that most of what you may encounter in the way of distressed conditions, while severe, will not likely drive you from your home.

You need to know what to do when you’re at home, along the lines of survival prep and behavior, to “weather the storm,” so to speak. There’s a great section in the ebook on keeping your home warm and dry should you lose power in a cold-weather environment. One part of the section describes how to make a candle heater for about $20, giving you an effective mechanism by which to heat using a votive candle. There’s another great piece of information that tells how to be sure you’re getting the most from your firewood, and there’s even a list of the best kinds of wood to use for firewood.

6a00d8341d71ad53ef01b7c7b75a9b970b-120wiThere’s a lot in this manual, and we’ve touched on just one, small part of it in this article. There are excellent sections, as well, on cultivating your own food sources, home fortification, specific lists on what should be included in survival kits and bug-out bags (should you, in fact have to get out of Dodge), and even how to find food in the wild. We’re leaving out a bunch more, too, but you get the point – Conquering the Coming Collapse packs a lot of information into 134 pages. Oh, and if the prospect of getting your hands on a great survival guidebook isn’t enough to entice you, note that it comes with a 60-day, money back guarantee if it turns out that you don’t think it’s so great; either way, you’re covered! To learn more about Conquering the Coming Collapse, click here.