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How To Publish An E-Book In Just 7 Days is always on the lookout for new and interesting books on ways to make and save money. Although we have historically marketed our own materials on E-Book marketing and publishing, we found a course that we liked so much that we wanted to share it. In his new book and training program, Jim Edwards has done a really great job of explaining the process of formulating an idea for an eBook and getting it published in as little as one week. 


Not only does Edwards get into the rudiments of the eBook publishing process, he hits on additional subject material missing from most books like this. He is 100% right in informing readers of the importance of title selection and a well written description. What many people don't fully realize is the value of 'optimizing' their title and description so that their book stands a decent chance of being found at Amazon. Edwards even offers readers free access to his Title and Description Wizard Software. As self publishing continues to get easier, there are a lot more books out there competing for the same eyeballs.

Edwards includes a number of other resources and webinars for readers:

  • How to get organized to be able to write and publish your book quickly

  • How to take credit cards (for direct orders)

  • An E-Book Success online workshop

For the money, this is really one of the best programs we have found on the topic. Click Here For More Information

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