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How To Get The MAXIMUM Social Security Benefit

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

Who knows for how long Social Security will be with us, but for however long that is, it is incumbent upon you to make the best decisions you can on behalf of your SS benefits, so that you may be in the most secure financial position possible.

The reality is that Social Security is not a one-size-fits-all program, characterized by a simple process into which one need not put much thought. It’s not as though there’s a bunch of different options, but there is an important handful, and not intimately familiarizing yourself with what’s available, and the right way, for you, to go about claiming benefits, can prove very costly.


Moreover, the way the system is set up, it is important that you make the right decisions the first time when completing the application, because it can be practically impossible to make changes once you’ve formally filed. There is a provision to re-file your application within 12 months of your first benefit payout, but that is the only time you may apply again for benefits in your lifetime, and, even then, the appeals process can be very daunting…so you want to do everything you can to get it right the first time. 

  • Expert Insights from a Professional Social Security Consultant.

  • Uncover Valuable Benefit Options Few Even Know Exist.

  • Complete Breakdown of the Formulas Used to Calculate Your Benefits.

  • Situational Income Reviews: Before, At, and After Full Retirement Age.

  • Learn Which Account to Base Your Benefits On (Self, Spouse, or Other).

  • Understand How Your Filing Date Impacts Your Spouse’s Survivor Benefits.

  • Detailed Analysis of Options for Singles, Couples, Survivors, and Divorced.

  • Comparison of Medicare Plans and Costs to Choose Your Best Option.

  • How to Avoid “Questionable Retirement” If You Own a Business.

  • Tips for the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset.

  • What You Need to Know Before Filing Your Application Online.

  • How to Appeal Benefit Errors and Application Mistakes.

  • The Truth About Who Should File for Early Benefits.

  • What to Expect After Filing Your Claim.

  • Free Lifetime Updates

According to Jim Blair, a former Social Security Administrator and consultant in Social Security Benefits, over 90 percent of all Social Security recipients do not receive the most for which they are eligible in benefits. To help more folks make the best decisions they can on behalf of their all-important SS benefits, Blair has put together a terrific ebook, The Social Security Retirement Guide, and it is an excellent handbook for those seeking to safely and effectively navigate the oft-times treacherous Social Security application waters. Very well-written, the book provides you with all of the key information you need to know as you prepare to make those lasting decisions associated with claiming SS benefits.

For starters, I’m always sensitive about ebooks that are offered on the back of a compelling sales page, but then prove to be loaded with “filler” type information that is meant to increase the page count without adding any real value; there’s none of that here - from the first page, the information presented is both compelling and useful. Blair has wasted no space in his manuscript…he begins with an excellent overview of the basics of Social Security, and quickly moves into a terrific, highly-detailed section that shows you how to calculate your own benefits; yes, the Social Security Administration will “officially” do that for you, but having the ability to do it yourself not only lets you check the Administration’s computation, but opens the door to you weighing different benefit options/scenarios for yourself. The book goes on to break down…again, in great detail…the options available to individuals and couples, and goes on to take more specialized looks at options available to widows/widowers, as well as divorced retirees.


Blair also takes an in-depth look at the matter of enrolling in Medicare, something that has, unfortunately, tripped up a LOT of seniors over the years, and also covers the all-important triggers that can reduce your benefit when you have a spouse that is also eligible for a pension from work (the government pension offset, or GPO), or if you work at a place where nothing is withheld from your pay for Social Security, but where you do still contribute to a work-sponsored pension (the windfall elimination provision, or WEP). Order Your Copy Of The Social Security Benefits Guide Today - Click Here.

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