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Chinese Secret Agents Operating Within U.S. Borders

There is startling information from the U.S. government that reveals there has been a marked increase in the number of Chinese secret agents with “boots on the ground” here in the United States. Beyond the information itself, part of what makes this so striking is that U.S. officials are not usually this forthcoming with its citizens about the existence of such threats…but here we are.

2015-08-20_6-48-49The agents are dispatched specifically by China’s Ministry of Public Security – think “secret police,” like Russia’s old KGB, the notorious Stasi of East Germany, etc. According to U.S. officials, their number has increased substantially over the last several months – exact figures are difficult to come by, but it is believed the number of active Chinese agents operating in the U.S. presently is somewhere in the double digits.

Although Chinese agents, once they are here in America, could be up to who knows what, it is at least well-understood by U.S. authorities that they come here in no small way to leverage Chinese nationals to return to China. The U.S. has previously warned China against continuing this practice, clearly to no avail. Moreover, it is against the law for other countries to officially post law enforcement personnel in the U.S. without notifying our government; the Chinese agents apparently come here under the cover of visas granted to students and business people, but are, in fact, acting very much in their professional capacities while inside U.S. borders. It is said that U.S. officials are very irritated at China’s clear affront to our laws, but it remains to be seen just what they will do about it.