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DropShipping - Still A Great Business Model

Of course, the rage these days is selling online, but if you sell physical products there are quite a few challenges. If you want to start small, it can be difficult. Finding an assortment of items to sell at wholesale prices is a challenge (especially with today's super low Internet prices). Even more of a problem for many is simply coming up with the cash to set up their starting inventory. Just a modest inventory of even a low priced item can take $1,000 or more to get started. Lastly, the biggest headache of all is dealing with shipping. Well, the good news is that there is an answer to all of this...

Why Drop Shipping Is Still An Amazing Business Model

DropShipping has been around for decades, but continues to be a great business model for many. In a nutshell, as a marketer you sell the products and a third party wholesaler/fulfillment house ships directly to your customer. DropShipping takes out of the equation the requirement to keep any physical inventory on hand (not to mention the cash requirement to do so).

An example of how this might work is that you find an item you can buy from a DropShipper for $10 (but you know you can sell online for $20). After the item has sold (and you have collected the $20 from the buyer), you pay $10 to the DropShipper. The DropShipper then sends the product directly to your buyer. Your gross profit is $10, and you were only responsible for the marketing end of things

An interesting program that I discovered recently offers access to over 8,000 dropship and wholesale suppliers. I really love this concept of having all of these resources in one place. The same company also has some terrific resources for setting up an online store, and a great tool for finding out what is selling well on Amazon and eBay. Check out Salehoo, Click Here.

Directory of Wholesale Companies and Dropship Suppliers   SaleHoo

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