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By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

What is the greatest impediment to meaningful, recreational travel? Is there really any doubt that it’s money? Unfortunately, because of the significant financial constraints that typically serve as the constant companion of any worthwhile trip, so many of us…too many of us…simply opt to vacation at home, or take otherwise uninspiring breaks from the work routine.

"I love this course on travel hacking. You always hear the stories of people taking trips around the world for next to nothing using strategies like this, but I have not found a training program that actually teaches others how to do it. If you love to travel, don't miss out on this online training program - it is invaluable." Jim Paris

The good news is that it no longer has to be that way. There has developed a class of person out there who has become very proficient at traveling…even to exotic locations…on the cheap, and a couple of those guys, Jonathan Levi and Travis Sherry, teach a course on one way to do that very thing so that non-experts like you and I can come to take advantage of incredible opportunities to fly for less than you would have ever previously imagined. This course, available at the wonderful Udemy platform, is called Become a Travel Wizard: Learn to Game the System & Fly Free, and, if you are serious about wanting to really travel, it will likely revolutionize your life in that regard.


The theme of the course is learning to fly for free on the basis of the frequent flyer miles that you can accumulate through your use of credit cards; the origin of frequent flyer programs was in the air travel industry itself, where passengers can accumulate these reward miles by way of travel, but, as the marketing appeal of frequent flyer programs has expanded, more miles are now actually being awarded to consumers through their use of credit and debit cards than through actual air travel.

The information is presented in bite-sized nuggets. The course is comprised of 23 lectures, most of which are between four and eight minutes in length; the total time of video instruction runs about two hours. Not only does this style of presentation make the information easier to process, but it also means that you can stop and start your training easily, without doing so at awkward times or places in the presentation. Also, the instructors are very informative upbeat, while maintaining a professional demeanor. As an aside, it should be noted that co-instructor Travis Sherry runs the popular travel website Extra Pack of Peanuts (, and hosts an associated podcast by the same name that’s one of the most popular travel podcasts on iTunes.

The bottom line is that that you’re going to learn a lot here, assuming you are not already an expert on frequent flyer miles-based travel. As with any good course like this, the presentation is long on specific guidance. Let’s face it…a lot of the time, when “niche” consumer information is presented, it is often by someone who wants to write an article on a topic but who does not possess much (any?) direct experience with the area; what’s offered up to the consumer is frequently very general, and not very helpful. What anyone interested in this kind of information is truly seeking…is actionable, very-useful stuff that can be immediately applied. The instructors here start with the basics of frequent flyer miles…what they are, etc….and quickly move on to the utility of airline alliances to people accumulating frequent flyer miles, the ins and outs of accumulating miles from credit cards, and what you need to know when it comes to redeeming miles, which can be a bit of a science in and of itself. There’s also a great bonus lecture in the course devoted to how to save bunches of money on accommodations.

What I particularly like about this course is how detail-oriented it is in the presentation; there are specific trainings on how to avoid airline fuel surcharges when using your miles, how to transfer Chase credit card points to United Airlines, how to land free one-way tickets on United and American using your frequent flyer miles, and how to use route maps when booking more complex itineraries. In the interest of time and space, I’m leaving out a bunch, but you get the picture: This course represents a near-perfect mix of high-quality, actionable information…with no useless, filler “information.”

  • Earn literally hundreds of thousands of miles a year without ever leaving your house
  • Choose the right credit card offers and programs for your unique travel aspirations
  • Protect your credit score so that you can keep earning miles
  • Find hidden partner flights the airlines don't want you to find, so you can get the most travel for your miles
  • Use the right miles for the right trips to avoid surcharges, taxes, and fees
  • Get bonus free one-way flights (without spending any extra miles) through loopholes in the system
  • Make the most of your travel time with cheap (or free) hotel options

Oh, and another of the great features of the course I especially like is the forum, which allows course members to communicate with one another publicly regarding subject-related issues and questions. The great thing about Udemy courses in that regard is because those who enroll are clearly serious students of the given topic, the information revealed through the forum setting is itself very helpful.

Become a Travel Wizard is another in the long-line of high-quality instructional presentations available from the Udemy platform, and this one is a true winner for the person who is serious about mastering the whole area of traveling well and for little cost on the back of frequent flyer miles. Click Here To Find Out More And Get A Free Preview Of The Course