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Six Weeks To The Financial Meltdown?

There are a whole host of reasons to be concerned about the financial world this coming fall. Whether you are someone following the cycles of the Shemitah, the blood moons, or simple economic and stock market baselines, the agreed flashpoint for a meltdown to begin is the last part of September (most believe to be sparked by a market reaction to the FOMC meeting on Sept 17). To make the air even heavier with prophecy, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the White House on September 23.

I am not one to quickly jump on these bandwagons, but in this case I am convinced that there is a very significant risk here for the financial markets. This is why I have moved our family's investments 100% to cash and have no money in the stock market at this time. 

Federal Reserve: Janet Yellen will raise interest rates in September - Fortune

Critics of the Fed’s optimistic views of the U.S. economy are overlooking one critical element in the central bank’s thinking. Even as China’s stock market continues to reel, and Europe still searches for a way to keep its monetary union intact, central bankers remain confident that the American economy is on the upswing. Policy makers on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) have made it clear in recent speeches and in minutes from previous meetings that the board is ready to raise interest rates as soon as its next meeting, which will take place on September 17.

Federal Reserve  Janet Yellen will raise interest rates in September   Fortune

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