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Disaster Preparedness On A Budget

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

For many, it’s not a lack of time or enthusiasm that serves as the biggest impediment to survival preparedness, but a lack of cash. So, when an ebook called Prepping for Pennies caught my eye, I wasted no time in seeing what it had to offer in the way of advice about gearing up, both literally and figuratively, to be able take on distressed environments…on the cheap.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that one of the features of Prepping for Pennies that I particularly like is the tenor of the author, Dave Steen, throughout. He takes, and encourages you to take, a decidedly down-to-earth approach to survival preparedness. He even questions some of the more extreme prepping measures that some pursue, and ponders if their time and money wouldn’t be better spent elsewhere. He also discourages overreaction to events in the news, which is a novel concept for many prep experts. The bottom line is that Steen doesn’t approach prepping from the get-go by seeing only the endstate of an entirely-collapsed society, but, rather, as something to do primarily to be able to persevere through the aftermath of significant power outages, catastrophic weather events, terror attacks, and other catalysts of distressed conditions, which are not only challenging enough, but are the kinds of distressed environments you are far likelier to encounter over the course of your lifetime.


The meat of the book begins with an in-depth look at “re-purposing” that which you already own, and it is, again, an approach that is too-infrequently taken by preppers; that is, when they begin prepping, they immediately think in terms of going out and buying a laundry list of items that are explicitly oriented toward survival, without considering what goods they may already have on hand that can be re-purposed on behalf of any of a variety of survival needs. For example, author Steen discusses in detail how a “dead” spare car his family had lurking on the property served as a wonderful source of useful parts that he applied to his prepping and security, parts like the battery, the alternator, even the mirrors. He discusses a variety of ways that trash and other classic garage “junk” can be re-purposed for the benefit of meeting survival needs. Separately, he discusses scavenging as almost an art form, and how a great deal of one’s survival component needs can be met through the practice.

He also discusses garage sales as a wonderful source of survival “gear,” and I think it’s a great idea; we had several garage sales at my house last year, and, as I think back on them now, a lot of what was unclaimed were all kinds of miscellaneous metal pieces and parts to various things. They were available for basically nothing, and if a survival-minded person had stopped by, he likely would have thought he’d hit the jackpot; however, how many preppers go to garage sales to look for things that will aid them in their prepping? Practically none, which is what makes this kind of advice from Mr. Steen so insightful.

Of course, the book is not simply about getting your prepping done from what you already own, junkyards, and garage sales, but also about buying your needed items from regular stores…and how to do it as smartly as possible. There are good sections on how to stockpile water as cheaply as you can, how to buy quality, useful survival equipment for relatively little, even good ideas on how to build a cheap…but useful…survival retreat.

I’m leaving out a lot…and I mean a LOT…but the point is that Prepping for Pennies is a great guidebook for the person who desperately wants to do more in the way of prepping, but needs some help looking at how to accomplish his goals from a perspective of thriftiness. Also, in addition to the manual Prepping for Pennies, author Dave Steen is, presently, throwing in three bonus reports: Making Your Own Survival Equipment, Schappeller Generator, and the Bug-Out Planning Guide. On top of all of this, the entire purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which I love, because if I feel strongly that something just wasn’t worth the money, I think it reasonable that I should be able to gain satisfaction – how nice that I can do that here (but I can tell you that I won’t be asking for my money back on this). Order Your Copy Here