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NYSE Blackout Is Clear Warning For Americans

By Staff Writers

One need look no further than what happened earlier this week with the technological “glitches” and shutdowns at a few of America’s most iconic business establishments to understand that the greatest threat from outside forces to the nation…comes in the form of their abilities to compromise the Internet and energy infrastructures of the United States.

Wall_Street_-_New_York_Stock_Exchange (1)

In a matter of just a few hours on Wednesday, July 8, United Airlines, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Stock Exchange were each stopped cold in their respective tracks; UA was forced to ground their entire fleet while a “network connectivity issue” was addressed, while trading at the NYSE was halted for over two hours at what is typically the height of the trading day. As for The Wall Street Journal, its website went down at basically the same time the NYSE stopped trading, and the financial news giant cited the generic “technical difficulties” excuse as the reason for the failure.

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While the Department of Homeland Security went on the record to say that none of the interruptions in service were caused by any sort of cyber attacks, the highly coincidental timing of each of these iconic American business enterprises going down is making a lot of people very suspicious. Still, even if the aforementioned problems were the result of garden-variety technical issues that just happened to occur at the same time, we are again reminded at just how vulnerable we are should America’s technological infrastructures, to include its energy grid, come under actual, coordinated attack.

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team, there were 79 hacking incidents at U.S. energy companies during fiscal year 2014. Energy companies are the most popular targets of spy malware, and it is surely the case that attacks on the nation’s energy companies are going to at least continue as they’ve been, if not become substantially greater. Although energy companies now maintain significant cybersecurity counter-threat specialists, the overriding vulnerability to the energy industry is the dated technologies and structures that remain in place, and upgrades are rarely engineered because implementing them would require interrupting service.

This means that we will continue to be…maybe forever…under the gun when it comes to not only protecting ourselves as a nation from these kinds of attacks, but protecting ourselves individually, should a major attack on the energy grid, or other similar, key system, succeed.

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