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Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

2015-07-30_13-08-32The way things are nowadays, you cannot be too prepared for societal trouble at a significant level. We hear more and more about this “silent majority” that is getting fed up and is ready to fight back against the progressive policies that are leading our nation down a path of economic and social destruction, but where are they, really? How many out there are really of a mind to take action and reclaim the country before “implosion day?” It’s looking less and less likely that enough of us will be fighting back against the dangerous trends in order to avert big trouble in the future, which is why a book like Conquering the Coming Collapse is an excellent addition to your (hopefully) growing survival resource library.

The book begins with an overview of the current socioeconomic climate in the United States, and includes a close look at just how Obamacare threatens the stability of the macroeconomy. I appreciate the timeliness of the narrative, because, it speaks to the concerns we each have on our minds, presently. The book goes on to outline a wide variety of excellent strategies one can implement on behalf of preparedness (more about those later), without regard to era, but it is a good feeling for the reader to be able to see, and even feel, the ideas and emotions expressed by the author, in such a passionate way, on behalf of the present, grave concerns we all have.


The overarching theme of the book has to do with preparedness in the face of economic collapse, and Chapter Four, “Preparing for Economic Meltdown,” gives a good, solid overview of the areas with which you should become intimately familiar as you evaluate and assemble a plan to persist through the conditions that will result from collapse. Although it is more of an “overview” chapter, it is extensive and well thought-out, and lays the groundwork for the excellent, detailed information that follows.

On that note, the book goes on to provide a great deal of actionable information, as well, about a variety of areas. For example, most of us take the matter of clean, hygienic water for granted, but that cannot be the case when working through distressed environments; Conquering the Coming Collapse contains an excellent section on the matter of water purification, and provides insightful tips on everything from purifying more “naturally,” to convenient methods of chemical purification.

The author also covers the considerations many of us weigh when pondering if we should “shelter in place,” or leave our homes, when distressed conditions befall us. Which option one chooses is, to a large degree, dependent on the nature of the actual distress, but the author suggests that most people are better served to remain at home when trouble strikes, and walks the reader through how to be sure he is prepared to shelter in place, should it become appropriate to do so.

There are excellent sections, as well, on cultivating your own food sources, home fortification, specific lists on what should be included in survival kits and bug-out bags, and even how to find food in the wild. I’m leaving out a bunch more, too, but you get the point – Conquering the Coming Collapse packs a lot of information into 134 pages.

You might be thinking, “Here we go, another book on how to survive through the end of the world,” but I have to tell you that if you are of a “preparedness mindset,” as I am, it’s not really possible to have too much information at your disposal on these topics. Conquering the Coming Collapse is now a part of my resource library, and I encourage you to make it a part of yours, as well.  More Information On This Book - Click Here.