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I am not at all surprised to see this. Very sad to see what the people of Greece are going through now, but they had countless warnings and opportunities to reign in their spending. Here in the United States were are right on track to end up like this in about five years. The difference in the case of the U.S. is that there will be no bailout options available to use. There will be no country large enough to offer us any financial assistance. There are so many lessons to be gleaned from this, but one that I would... Read more →

Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large The way things are nowadays, you cannot be too prepared for societal trouble at a significant level. We hear more and more about this “silent majority” that is getting fed up and is ready to fight back against the progressive policies that are leading our nation down a path of economic and social destruction, but where are they, really? How many out there are really of a mind to take action and reclaim the country before “implosion day?” It’s looking less and less likely that enough of us will be fighting back against... Read more →

Walmart is having a blowout sale with fantastic prices on items targeted to kids going off to college. Even if you don't have a college bound child, you don't want to miss this sale. There are substantial discounts on a wide variety of items, including electronics. The laptop bundle (starting at $186) is just one of many bargains you will find. Click Here Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Apparently, $15 an hour for assisting people with their burger-and-fries orders isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. What a shocker. All this time, we thought that the burden, substantial though it is, was going to be felt primarily by the businesses, and also by consumers, to whom the increased costs of doing business are so often passed along…but who had any idea that the beneficiaries of such increases, the workers themselves, would be so put upon by having received these pay raises? Well, it turns out they are. In Seattle, which... Read more →

This Emergency Tool Is Free For A Limited Time Well, I can't think of much of a worse way to die, and it happens to 500 people every year. Imagine being in a car accident and your vehicle ends up submerged - that's right under water. While we all love the convenience of electric windows and door locks, they only work when you car has power. So, you have only seconds to break out a window, but that is very difficult to do while you are disoriented in a sinking car. The solution: The EVAC3. What is it? A small... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Have you ever seen those funny Internet memes with pictures of people throwing their computers out of a window in obvious frustration or disgust, and captioned with, “That’s enough Internet for today?” Typically, a blog or thread commenter will post such a thing in response to a news article or opinion piece that strikes him as completely ludicrous. Well, I ran across something on the Internet (it’s not just on the Internet, but from where else do we get info these days?) today that basically drove me to such a moment. It... Read more →

There are a whole host of reasons to be concerned about the financial world this coming fall. Whether you are someone following the cycles of the Shemitah, the blood moons, or simple economic and stock market baselines, the agreed flashpoint for a meltdown to begin is the last part of September (most believe to be sparked by a market reaction to the FOMC meeting on Sept 17). To make the air even heavier with prophecy, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the White House on September 23. I am not one to quickly jump on these bandwagons, but in this... Read more →

Another example why the Clintons are not just average folks like the rest of us. My haircuts cost $15, and with a tip it comes out to around $18. I know some will immediately jump in and point out that Trump isn't living like an average guy either. The big difference here between Hillary and Donald Trump is that Trump makes no bones about the fact that he is rich. He also earned his money the old fashioned way, by building businesses. What we have with Hillary is the worst of both worlds - someone that wants us to view... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Well, no surprise here – the mudslinging at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has officially commenced. Unfortunately for Trump, a ham-fisted response by one of his top attorneys to a question about a controversial issue from the Donald’s past have made things a little more interesting, to say the least, for the entrepreneur-turned-presidential candidate. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Michael Cohen, an executive vice president at The Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump, was asked about a rape allegation made by Trump’s ex-wife Ivana during their divorce proceedings in the... Read more →

Well, finally someone said it, and they did so in a much more articulate manner than I ever could. I have been so frustrated over the last several years as more and more people are being deceived about how bad the economy really is. We are being told that there is virtually no inflation, that unemployment is at the lowest level in years, and that the government is making progress on the national debt. THESE ARE ALL LIES... FYI, whether you buy this guy's book (like I did) or not, there is some really great information here. Take a few... Read more →

Bullying In The Workplace - Author Glory Borgeson Joins Jim Paris Live

Author, business consultant, and speaker, Glory Borgeson joins Jim Paris Live to discuss her new book, Not All Bulliles Yell And Throw Things - How To Survive A Subtle Workplace Bully. How to recognize a bully, how to react to a bully, deciding whether or not to confront a bully, and knowing when it makes sense to report a bully to management. Glory also shared some tips on health and nutrition from her book How I Changed My Diet, Lost Weight, & Gained Health: and You Can, Too! Read more →

80% Discounts For Writing Amazon Reviews

Jim discusses a new website that 'pays' individuals to write reviews on Amazon by giving them discounts of 80% and more on popular products. Also discussed - former NBA star Antoine Walker going bankrupt after earning $108 million in career, Trump leading in the polls followed by Jeb Bush, and why the drop shipping business is hot again. Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large You sports fans out there will certainly remember Antoine Walker, the former NBA star who rose to prominence with the Boston Celtics before ultimately winning a championship with the Miami Heat. As befitting a pro basketball superstar, Walker made over one hundred million dollars over the course of his career; however, in an eventuality most unfitting for a successful professional in any field, Walker went bankrupt. Walker now counsels young pro athletes about the pitfalls of coming into a lot of money at a young age, as part of his role with... Read more →

If you want to become a financial rock star, learn how to find cheap flights. After I share how little I pay for plane tickets, many people think I have some kind of special software or an 'in' with the airlines or a travel agency. For example, I recently posted a deal on my Facebook page for a roundtrip flight from Chicago to Orlando for $96. You don't have to stay online 24/7 to find these deals, it is much easier than you would ever imagine, and after reading this article you will know my cheap airfare secrets. Being Flexible... Read more →

One of my most popular articles this year was Top 5 Survival Freebies. Well, we can now make it six. I found a freebie deal today for a Hybeam Tactical flashlight. I don't know about you, but I don't seem to ever be able to find a working flashlight around my house. Here is your chance to grab a very nice one that is valued at $25 for FREE (just pick up the cost of shipping) Click Here. Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim... Read more →