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The Internet has long been the new way to communicate, to include advertise, do business, and engage in a variety of other commerce-related interactions. I mean, do you even receive a traditional Yellow Pages book at your house anymore, and, if you do, do you keep it? If you keep it, do you actually use it? The bottom line is that if the Yellow Pages is your “go-to” resource for finding merchants and service-providers in the established Internet Age, you’re definitely behind the curve. What’s more, if you’re not using “old school” resources like the Internet for finding goods and services, then business owners are not being found through the Yellow Pages, either. The Internet is where it’s at, if you own a business.

"I have said over and over again, that acquiring the basic skills to build and manage websites is one of the smartest financial moves anyone can make today. Not only can you start launching multiple online businesses for yourself, you can get paid serious money to build websites for other people. Website design and management is a fantastic service for bartering with local businesses. This is also a terrific skill to simply add to a resume. Can you imagine the value someone would have in the workplace if they are able to set up and manage a website for their employer?"  Jim Paris


That said, one of the persistent challenges for small business people looking to gain a solid foothold in cyberspace remains the cost of building a sharp-looking website. Despite the advent of technologies that make website-building easier than ever, professional website-builders still make thousands of dollars creating sites for business owners, non-profit organizations, and work-at-home entrepreneurs; it is this cost that so many people looking to gain Internet access for their ideas find prohibitive when they start out, which means that, too often, their opportunities never get a fair shake.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is no reason, in this day and age, to pay anyone large sums of money to build you a quality website, when you can do it yourself on WordPress, one of the most commonly-used and best-received website platforms available. There are countless free videos you can watch on YouTube on Wordpress. The problem is that you will have to sort through a lot of really low quality stuff, and you will have to watch a bunch of ads as well.

There is a much better option. We have looked at dozens of online training options, and can recommend one that we really like. Jim Paris personally purchased this program and has reviewed it. Jim also wanted us to pass along that this particular training has a money back guarantee as well.  Click Here For Details