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Are You Using EASY TO GUESS Passwords Online?

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your privacy is to ensure that the passwords you select for the various sensitive online applications you utilize are as immune as reasonably possible to capture by a hacker. It is stunning that so many people still use names of children, spouses, and parents as the “core” of their passwords, and then think they’re being tricky by following the name up with a simple combination of numerals – Thomas123, for example. That’s just terrible. The biggest problem with using not just names, but whole words, in general, as passwords, is that they are extremely vulnerable to “brute force” attacks from hackers; brute force attacks, also known as “dictionary” attacks, involve the use of a special hacking program that recombines dictionary words with all kinds of various combinations until the password is cracked. If you’re using simple words as the centerpiece of your password, you’re particularly vulnerable to being compromised by such an attack.


The Patriot Privacy Kit, about which I’ve written previously, contains a simple, straightforward, but very useful section on how to choose the most secure passwords possible. This ebook is jam-packed with all kinds of information about how to secure your information in both online and offline settings, with its information on password selection and security making up just one small…but valuable…part of the information contained therein. Big picture: If you’re ready to get serious about protecting your privacy and finally putting the odds of Internet security back in your favor, then don’t delay – pick up a copy of The Patriot Privacy Kit today.