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What's Next? Well, Cutting Off Your Own Limbs Of Course

Some may be shocked by the gender transition of Bruce Jenner, but now we know that this is really not all that cutting edge at all. The next thing we are going to be told to accept as 'normal' is a group being identified as 'transabled.' The designation applies to individuals that feel uncomfortable with one or more of their limbs. They have a psychological need to become disabled (described as a craving).

Becoming disabled by choice  not chance  ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies   National Post
Moral depravity always ends in death and destruction. You might laugh and think that this transabled movement is too weird to catch on, even in our twisted culture. My view is that each step into darkness beckons the next. If the disfigurement of gender reassignment surgery is not quite enough to satisfy your appetite, you might opt for the removal of one or more limbs. We used to have a term for this kind of thing thing in the 'good old days' - CRAZY.

Not everything a person feels should be acted upon - this is why we are not considered animals. Part of living is having the self discipline to think through our impulses and decide whether they should translate into an action. I have to say, however, that I have never been tempted to saw off an arm or a leg. Next we will be told that those having their limbs amputated by choice should become eligible for Social Security Disability, and all of the other benefits that legitimately disabled individuals receive.

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