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Unlimited Talk And Text For Just $10 Monthly

I had to look twice at this to to believe it. Yes, unlimited talk and text for just $10 monthly. You really wonder why people keep paying so much for cell phone service when deals like this are available. Another way to save money when setting up this service would be to buy a used compatible phone from Amazon. Just as other carriers do, Republic requires that you buy a phone programmed for their network. The phones are very nice, but there is no reason to pay full price for a new one when you can save half or more buying one used.

There is another interesting option available for just $5 monthly - a WiFi only phone. With free WiFi becoming so widely available, this might be a viable option for some people. For just $5 monthly, it would also be a great way to establish a separate phone number for a home based business. It would also be ideal for replacing a traditional home phone line for many people as well. A WiFi phone could be shared within a home as sort of a 'community' line. This could avoid the need for every child in the family to have their own phone.

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