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The Founding Of The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

The movie Forrest Gump was a box office explosion, but few people know the story of how the movie launched a restaurant. Scott Barnett author of Gumption joins Jim to discuss his story of founding of The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. The book is a true behinds the scenes look at the ups and downs and challenges of launching the restuaran chain. How it reached epic success with more than $200 million in annual sales and was later sold to Landry's. Read more →

The cost of auto insurance can vary widely based on a large number of factors. It is easy, however, to get in a rut and simply pay the bill month after month without considering other options. 7 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill 1. Ask For A Discount Many times you don't even have to move your coverage to another company to save money. If you simply contact your current insurance carrier and let them know that you are about to start shopping them out, there is a good chance they will offer you a discount. For this call... Read more →

A few months ago I discovered the Amazon Warehouse, a section of the website for open box and slightly used items. Amazon does not generally include products from its warehouse in the general search results from it homepage. So, how do you find Amazon Warehouse Deals? The easiest way is to simply bookmark this link - Amazon Warehouse. As an Amazon Prime member, I do most of my online shopping at Amazon. What I love about the Amazon Warehouse is that I still get my Amazon Prime free shipping. Also, if I am unhappy with a purchase, I can... Read more →

I just picked up this free book on home defense. All they ask is that you pay for the shipping. I am a big believer in self defense and this book focuses on defending your family from a home invasion. From the author - Legally Concealed brings you the hardest-hitting book to date on the reality of a violent encounter, how to survive it, and to keep on living after it. This book is everything that shooting and self-defense instructors don't readily tell you but you absolutely have to know. From who you are up against to dealing with the... Read more →

by Robert G. Yetman, Jr., Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report At what point would my insistence that I’m a cat, as opposed to a human being, be deemed as lunacy, rather than a rational position on social and personal identity? Would the sight of me uttering only “meows,” cleaning myself with my tongue, using a litter box, sharpening my fingernails on a tree, and running around on all fours chasing mice…prompt you to immediately call 911 to say you’ve stumbled upon a straight-up lunatic…or would you instead wrap your intellect, including your powers of reason, inside the cloaks... Read more →

One of the great things about Amazon is that it has EVERYTHING. This is also Amazon's biggest weakness as well. Many times people will find a site like Amazon more than a little overwhelming. If you are looking for a specific item, the large number of choices can make the process very confusing and time consuming. An additional problem for Amazon is that a niche site can easily rank higher in a given category in a search. For example, while Amazon does sell hammers, it would be much easier for a website that exclusively sold hammers to achieve a higher... Read more →

I am always on the lookout for unique opportunities, especially those that can represent a great part time income. There is a lady in my small town that does very well managing social media for a number of the local businesses. I have been looking around trying to find a good course on this topic that I can recommend. PaidSocialMediaJobs is a very interesting program. They even have a news segment from a local TV channel discussing the opportunity. Businesses owners understand that getting new customers today is no longer about buying an ad in the Yellow Pages, but having... Read more →

In the latest edition of the Christian Money Plus members-only podcast, Jim Paris addresses the subject of reverse mortgages from the plain-speaking, down-to-earth perspective that so many have come to value. You will hear some comments on reverse mortgages that will probably surprise you, including why Jim advised his own parents to obtain a reverse mortgage. Other topics on this episode - …the reality & implications of the involuntary part-time work force in America today… ...the continued, substantial risk of identity theft by way of “old school” methods… …and the utility of RFID-blocking wallets & purses. To hear this podcast... Read more →

Is ISIS Preparing For A U.S. Attack? Author Dan Gordon Joins Jim Paris Live

Day Of The Dead author, Dan Gordon, joins Jim Paris Live. Gordon shares details on his novel, which he says is a warning to America. The scenario in Gordon's book has ISIS using existing drug smuggling tunnels from Mexico to reach southern California. Gordon also shares how ISIS generates millions each day to fund their operations, and why they won't stop until they have reached their goal of a worldwide caliphate. Read more →

The Pope Says You Are Not A Christian If You Own A Firearm

On this episode, Jim calls out the Pope on his statement about Christians being hypocrites if they 'support' the manufacturing of firearms. Jim shares why he believes that Christians should have no conflict in arming themselves to defend their family and community. How opportunists are already trying to exploit the Charleston shooting tragedy. A little known way that you can obtain your concealed weapons permit online. The country of Greece is on the brink of a financial collapse as tourists are warned, and runs on the banks begin. Is Puerto Rico America's Greece? Read more →

Preview Of The Latest Issue Of Our Member Newsletter One of the great challenges for many in becoming skilled at managing survival-related crises…is finding an appropriate “pace” at which to become familiar with all that is necessary to know to navigate through distressed conditions. In the most recent edition of The James L. Paris Report, we share some thoughts regarding how to go about the process in a way that is useful…without becoming a burden, or otherwise more than that for which you might be prepared, presently. Also In this issue: The Historical Facts That Support The Resurrection Of Jesus... Read more →

I have been a concealed weapons permit holder in Florida for several years. I grew up around firearms, and learned at a very young age about gun safety and how to discharge a weapon. My father and my grandfather were both avid hunters. I spent many weekends in an RV getting up at 5 am to suit up to go pheasant hunting. My parents bought me my first shotgun when I was just eleven years old. I still have that single shot 20 gauge to this day. As many of our regular readers know, I am a huge proponent of... Read more →

Today is your last chance to order an item from Amazon and receive it by Saturday (with free Prime shipping). Here are some deals for Dad I have recommended that you can still grab - Camera Equipped Drone (save 49%) Clint Eastwood 20 Movie Collection (save 59%) Amazon Fire TV Stick (save 13%) Mens Watches (save 70%) Car Jump Starter Kit (save 63%) Expedition Watch (save 37%) AFFILIATE PAYMENTS My opinion is not for sale, but in some cases on products I already like, I receive compensation for links in my articles through affiliate arrangements. Read more →

I just turned 50 and became eligible to join AARP. Yes, I am aware that they support a lot of liberal causes. For $16 I purchased a one year membership that covers both my wife and I. Why? Well, I love discounts, and AARP may be one of the very best groups to join for this purpose (and it is my only reason). Just as one example, the AAA discount at Denny's is 10%, but AARP offers 15%. AARP discounts are really quite amazing when you start to look at what's available. Another example is Outback Steakhouse, which offers a... Read more →