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If You See Me Using the Litter Box, Don’t Stare; I’m a “Transspecies Feline”

by Robert G. Yetman, Jr., Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report

At what point would my insistence that I’m a cat, as opposed to a human being, be deemed as lunacy, rather than a rational position on social and personal identity? Would the sight of me uttering only “meows,” cleaning myself with my tongue, using a litter box, sharpening my fingernails on a tree, and running around on all fours chasing mice…prompt you to immediately call 911 to say you’ve stumbled upon a straight-up lunatic…or would you instead wrap your intellect, including your powers of reason, inside the cloaks of tolerance and understanding, and let me go about my business as a “transspecies feline?” How you answer that second question might be a good test as to the limits not of your own inclination towards tolerance…but of your mental stability.


When a society allows the lines that define even the broadest, natural, inherent boundaries (i.e., I am a human being and not a cat, no matter how enthusiastically I engage in the behaviors typical of cats) to be blurred to an extent so great that irrational behavior is defended as being rational on what is either, in such a case, the highly disingenuous or grossly misguided basis of "tolerance," then all that remains is social anarchy; once social anarchy ensues, there IS no society...only madness, and we will have all become, at that point, veritable prisoners within a national asylum entirely of our own making.