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Top Seventeen Survival Freebies

Why are these items free? They are a promotion for a variety of preparedness organizations. The survival gear is free, but you will have to pay a nominal amount for shipping (well worth it for what you are getting).

1. Free Credit Card Survival Knife

For those that are on the e mail list, you know that I shared with you how I got a free credit card survival knife a couple of weeks ago. Very cool knife that is the size of a credit card and can be stored in your wallet for emergencies.  Click Here To Get Your Free Knife


2. Free Waterproof Match And Firestarter

This is a very neat device and should be in everyone's emergency kit, especially when you can get it for free! There are so many emergency scenarios where something like this would be great to have. Click Here To Get Your Free Waterproof Match.


3. Free Emergency Multi-Tool

Another nice gadget to throw in your emergency kit. This multi-tool contains a plier, screwdriver, can opener, and surgical blade. Click Here To Get Your Free Emergency Multi-Tool.


4. Free FireKable Paracord Bracelet

This is a paracord bracelet with built-in fero rod and striker. It also has a built-in emergency whistle. Get Your Free Emergency Bracelet Click Here


5. Free Book On Home Defense

It is a great book on how to defend your home and it is 100% free. This is not just a digital download, but a very nice 138 page paperback book. They will send you the book for free, you just pick up the cost of shipping. Click Here


Download (2)


6. Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight ($25 Value)

A very nice tactical flashlight crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, beveled edge (can be used as a self defense weapon), produces blindingly bright light, and has three brightness settings. Click Here

FREE HyBeam Flashlight


7. Free Fight Enders DVD

A fantastic free set of two DVDs for anyone interested in easy to learn and easy to remember self defense techniques. The DVD set is free, just pick up the cost of shipping Click Here.


 8. Free RFID Blockers Protect You From Digital Pickpocketing

The new credit card chip technology opens us all up to what is known as digital pickpocketing. Thieves can now tap into your credit cards through the radio waves these chips emit. You can stop them cold in their tracks buy keeping your credit cards inside these free RFID blockers that fit right inside your wallet (just pay your own shipping). Click Here.


9. Free Tactical Self Defense Pen

This is a real working pen and an amazing effective self defense device. You get the tactical self defense pen free, and they even provide a comprehensive video on how to use it. Bring any attacker to their knees in seconds. Click Here. 


10.  Free EVAC 3 Car Escape Device

Well, I can't think of much of a worse way to die, and it happens to 500 people every year.Imagine being in a car accident and your vehicle ends up submerged - that's right under water. While we all love the convenience of electric windows and door locks, they only work when you car has power. So, you have only seconds to break out a window, but that is very difficult to do while you are disoriented in a sinking car. The solution: The EVAC3. What is it? A small tool that you attach to your keychain that can quickly break a car window - even underwater.  Click Here


11. Rescue Card

What can't this tool do? With more than 11 tools, this is a must for every survivalist's wallet. Click Here

Screenshot (8)

12. Optic Firestart

It fits right in your wallet and harnesses the power of the sun to start a fire when you need one quickly. Click Here

Screenshot (7)

13. Super Bright Mini Tactical Flashlight

It is small but blinding with 250 LM of power. A great everyday flashlight to keep in the car or your pocket. Click Here

Screenshot (9)

14. Monkey Fist Key Chain Defense

A very easy to carry self defense tool that is always with you, right on your key chain. Requires no training and can be used by anyone against an attacker. Check out this free offer and the amazing video demonstration. Click Here.


15. Free Survival Food

This is a great offer for high nutrition meal replacement survival provisions. They are also throwing in some great free eBook downloads as well. Click Here.

Screenshot (9)

16. Free PopLamp

This is a great gadget for camping, the car, or around the house. It stays flat for easy storage and then pops us and becomes a lantern. Click Here.

FREE Hybeam PopLamp From Survival Life (1)

17. Free Hidden Knife Survival Belt

Wow, even Batman would be jealous. A very cool belt with a hidden knife inside. Free, just pay your own shipping. Click Here.


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