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Free Book On Home Defense

I just picked up this free book on home defense. All they ask is that you pay for the shipping. I am a big believer in self defense and this book focuses on defending your family from a home invasion.

From the author - Legally Concealed brings you the hardest-hitting book to date on the reality of a violent encounter, how to survive it, and to keep on living after it. This book is everything that shooting and self-defense instructors don't readily tell you but you absolutely have to know. From who you are up against to dealing with the aftermath of having to kill defending your life, Legally Concealed's president EJ Owens tells you like it is.

This is a no-holds-barred look at what it takes to be victorious should you come face-to-face with an attacker hell bent on taking your life. EJ uses his unique down-to-earth approach to put into perspective the mental and emotional toll a life-threatening event demands from you. COUNTERVIOLENCE is the definitive guide on how you have to defend, survive, and console yourself in the event of a violent encounter. Click Here To Get Your Free Copy


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