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Florida Judge Rules Living Off The Grid Is Illegal


Robin Speronis owns a parcel of land in Cape Coral, FL but lives a bit unconventionally. Speronis agreed to do an interview with her local Fox News affiliate about her survivalist lifestyle. Since she is not connected to the local utilities (water, sewage, and electrical), the city issued a notice to vacate. The judge in this case ruled that it is not legal for Speronis to live on her property without being connected to city water. The court also ruled that she can use her alternative power, but her equipment must be approved by the city. 

The Video Below Is From 2014 


Speronis represents a growing number of individuals that have chosen to live off the grid. In this case, she legally owns the property but is choosing not to connect to the local utilities. She is a blogger and has also published an eBook about her off the grid lifestyle.  What makes this case unique is that Speronis has chosen to pursue her survivalist lifestyle within a traditional residential neighborhood, rather than occupying a more rural location.


While I understand that local cities must maintain reasonable standards, there should be a process by which someone such as Speronis can obtain a variance (if she is not polluting or causing harm to her neighbors). I can't completely endorse what she is doing, however, which reportedly includes improperly disposing of her sewage waste. According to public records, Speronis was a real estate broker but with a checkered past. State records show her license was revoked in 2012 and that she is also a convicted felon.  Speronis may not represent the best poster child for the cause of off the grid living, and frankly I would not want to live next door to her outpost (I don't care for the smell of raw sewage).

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