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We’ve offered our comprehensive ebook writing system, the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, for a while now, and remain pleased that it continues to be so well-received. Throughout much of recent history, we have been so interested in seeing the information it contains get into the hands of as many interested folks as possible…that we have, in addition to offering the material at what we consider to be very reasonable rates, included bonus gifts that have included Amazon Fire tablets!


We’ve been happy to do those things, if they mean seeing more people exposed to the material, as well as the accompanying “energy” that helps in the process of ebook creation. On that note, we want to take this opportunity to mention that we have a new pricing structure that drastically lowers the cost to get in on the course. By slashing prices in this way, we have essentially eliminated any ability to give bonuses along with access to the material, but it is our opinion that all anyone who’s sincerely interested in getting started as an ebook writer really cares about…is getting started as an ebook writer.

So, going into the summer months, we want to make it easier than we ever have before to give you an opportunity to get in on our ebook training materials, and finally start putting your name to ebooks (and physical books, as the course information covers that subject, as well) that can be sold directly at Amazon, the world’s number one book retailer, as well as the world’s second-largest retailer, overall. On that note, the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, while containing valuable information for writers of experience level, was specifically designed with the newer writer in mind…that person who will, more often, find himself (or herself) hampered by misgivings, tendencies to procrastinate, etc. The course addresses the details of how to get started writing in an online format, which has come to predominate as a writing platform, as well as provides unlimited, email-based Q&A assistance on behalf of a wide variety of topics and issues…from the technical aspects associated with creating an online publication, to providing a “second opinion” on manuscript drafts, and just about anything else. Course architects Jim Paris and Bob Yetman have together written a substantial number of books and been published in multiple formats over the course of the past two-plus decades, and, in addition to their work as self-published, digitally-based authors, have been “traditionally” published by some of the world’s best-known houses, including Adams Media and John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Anyway, if you are interested in finally moving forward in Internet-based self-publishing, this may be the best opportunity you’ve ever had to get in on the extra help so many like to have that makes the journey toward publication much easier. As for the new pricing, we do not know for how long it will last – this is something we want to try out of deference to making it easier for folks to hop aboard the ebook “train.” To take advantage of what we’re offering…come join us by clicking here.