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Amazon Flipping At My Own Garage Sale

As many of you know, for the past nine months I have been having a blast with my Amazon Flipping project. For those that are not regular readers, this is what I call my strategy of buying items offline and and reselling them on Amazon. In some circles this is called retail arbitrage.  If you do a Google search for this phrase, you will quickly learn that this is the hottest thing since the launch of eBay. What I love about it, is the simplicity. Amazon sells my stuff and handles shipping, customer service, billing, and then deposits my share of the proceeds directly into my bank account every Friday (sorry eBay, but this is so much easier).


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Finding Items To Sell At My Own Garage Sale

Garage sales at the Paris home have historically taken place about every couple of years (the point at which our garage begins to overflow with junk). When my children were younger, we would bribe them by offering the proceeds to fund their summer activities. These sales typically generated hundreds of dollars, so it was never difficult to get the kids on board.

This year was a lot different. Our children are now in their twenties and we had no takers on the garage sale proposition. My wife and I had been putting it off (for nearly three years) and decided to roll up our sleeves, clean the garage, and do a Saturday half day sale. Whatever did not sell, we would donate to a local charity thrift shop. 

Finding Items To Flip On Amazon At My Own Garage Sale

In preparation for the sale, we had amassed a large pile of items. I grabbed my Android phone and started scanning the barcodes to see what treasures I might findI discovered over $200 in retail value in about a dozen items (mostly books) that were separated and shipped off to Amazon (sorry garage sale customers). These items would have gone for pennies on the dollar or simply discarded.

This was a real reminder for me of how easy it is to find great items to resell - even at my own garage sale! The moral of the story here is that there is tons of merchandise out there to buy and resell. As much fun as it is hunting for items around town, it was even more satisfying to hit pay dirt in my own stack of 'junk.' Despite the fact that I am always looking for 'flippable' products, I almost missed quite a few right in my own home.

After this experience, I wondered how many of my readers might be having their own garage sale this summer? How much money in their stack of stuff would they miss? What about churches that have a thrift shop or do rummage sales for fundraisers? There are so many ways that this information can be a game changer for you or an organization that you support.

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All new subscribers will receive the new videos I recently filmed on product sourcing from China. On top of these two new videos on product sourcing from China, I also want to include two fantastic books on this subject. These are paperback books that will be great supplements for you to review after watching my comprehensive videos.

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I also want to send you two additional bonuses:

Bonus #2 Barcode Scanner

Having a desktop barcode scanner saves me hours of work when adding retail items to my Amazon inventory. While you won't need this for your products imported from China, it will be invaluable to you when flipping items bought from retail stores, or even thrift shops. If you can find a barcode on the product, just scan it and you can quickly add it to your Amazon inventory.

Tera USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Reader Bar Code Scanner Scanning Handheld Laser Id Upc Ean Hight Speed 

Bonus #3 Pro Shipping Scale 

At first I resisted dealing with my own shipping, but it was a foolish mistake. I learned that by using the discount shipping within my Amazon reseller account, I could save an enormous amount on shipping. With your own scale, you can prepare a shipment in about 2 to 3 minutes. Just weigh your box and measure it. Next, simply print out your shipping label. You can have UPS pick up the box right at your home or office, or simply drop it off at your local UPS Store. I just shipped an 18 pound box to Amazon for only $7.50! Even the guy up at the UPS Store could not believe how little the shipping costs were. This is huge, and by shipping at such low rates you are able to put that much more money in your pocket.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

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