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Jim Paris Giving Away 3,000 Ripple XRP To Annual Subscribers

It has been a bit too long since I posted an article on the subject of digital currency. If you are a regular reader, you know that we have been very excited about a newer digital currency (Ripple XRP) that many people believe could be the next Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride with a price of more than $1,000 to now trading in the $200 to $300 range. Bitcoin (like Ripple) initially started with a value of less than one penny. For more details on Ripple XRP (history, etc..), check out my prior article - is Ripple the next Bitcoin? 

Western Union 'Exploring' Pilot Program With Ripple Labs

Ripple - Western Union Deal

One of the most fascinating elements of Ripple is its trading platform. Ripple's technology is now being considered by Western Union.  A little known fact about digital currencies is that the technology behind them is starting to find its way into traditional banking and currency transfer services worldwide. While we simply don't know what the world of digital currency will look like in three to five years, we don't need to bring in Nostradamus to tell us that major changes are coming to the how we use money. 

What Does This Mean For Ripple?

I currently own several thousand Ripple XRP and simply plan to hold on to it for the long run. When you start seeing deals like this pilot program with the likes of Western Union, it will only bring more attention to Ripple XRP.

What If Ripple Just Reaches The Current Level Of Bitcoin?

I thought it would be interesting to ponder what the value of a modest amount of Ripple would be if it simply reached the current price of Bitcoin ($235). 3,000 Ripple XRP would be worth more than $700,000!  Of course, no one knows if this will even happen, and I am certainly not guaranteeing anything here, but who knows where Ripple XRP goes from here?

I Want To Give You 3,000 Ripple XRP

Simply grab an annual subscription to ChristianMoneyPlus this weekend and I will give you 3,000 Ripple XRP! We have had promotions in the past, but the most we have ever given away was 1,000 Ripple, so this is a very special and limited offer. If you are already a subscriber you can purchase another year and this will extend your existing subscription (our maximum subscription is three years). Note: that I may have to close this offer (and reserve the right to do so) early based on the price movement of Ripple.

Can't You Just Buy Ripple On Your Own?

At the current trading level, you could purchase 3,000 Ripple XRP on your own for about $25. Of course, you would have to go through the learning curve of setting up an account with a third party gateway, getting your account approved and funded, and then transferring the funds to your Ripple Wallet, and finally placing a buy order. The easier plan is to simply grab a one year subscription to ChristianMoneyPlus and let us start you out with 3,000 Ripple XRP. Not to mention all of the great content you will receive as a member of ChristianMoneyPlus for a year.  As a member, you will also learn how to buy more Ripple on your own.

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