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$20 Million Paid By U.S. Government To Nazis

A report to be released later this week will document more than $20 million dollars of Social Security benefits paid out to suspected Nazis from World War II. Congress unanimously passed legislation in December of last year known as the No Social Security For Nazis Act. 

Ex Nazis got  20 million in Social Security in U.S.  watchdog says   CBS News

The law was passed to remedy a longtime loophole, allowing suspected Nazis to keep their Social Security benefits after being deported. The Justice Department would allow such individuals to voluntary relinquish their citizenship and leave the country (and keep their Social Security benefits). Under the new law, anyone losing their citizenship due to involvement in World War II atrocities will not be eligible to receive benefits (the law also affects beneficiary payments as well). It is believed that more than 10,000 Nazis that participated in World War II atrocities came to the United States to hide after the war. 

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