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What They Won't Tell You About Fixing Bad Credit

by Robert G. Yetman, Jr., Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report

One of the biggest mistakes people make when seeking to improve their credit scores is to focus on “fixing” the negative entries that stick out like sore thumbs on a credit report. At an intuitive level, it makes sense to try to mitigate the impact of such items by focusing on them directly…to try to settle old items in collections, or to even challenge the items repeatedly in hopes that they will eventually drop off the report. However, the reality is that negative items are not a good source of your focus; first off, negative items that are accurate…are likely to remain a part of your credit profile for seven years, regardless of what you do. Additionally, attempting to mitigate their effect by deciding to make payments toward an old and impossibly high overdue amount…can actually cause more harm to your credit profile. A much more useful way to spend your time is to develop fresh lines of credit that you maintain in pristine condition, both in terms of payment history, as well as with respect to the underuse of the available credit.


In the video webinar presentation Credit Scoring Secrets, available to members of Christian Money Plus, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman discuss the details of what really matters when it comes to getting, and maintaining, good credit. There continues to be a great deal of misinformation floating around about what really counts when it comes to forging a quality credit profile; few people, for example, understand the significant role that debt utilization…the amount of your available, revolving credit that you’re actually using…plays in the determination of one’s credit score. Credit Scoring Secrets reveals precisely what debt utilization is, as well as how it can work both for and against you in the achievement of a high credit score…and this is just one of several key topics covered in this important video. Credit Scoring Secrets is a must-see for anyone interested in being a good steward of his or her own credit, but it is also just one of many webinar trainings available to members of Christian Money Plus; additional webinars cover budgeting, how to find lost money, what to know when buying a house (or even if you should own a home), and much more!

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