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Christian Books For One Penny

I am sure this headline got your attention and as impossible as it seems, it is 100% true. Let me share with you a hack that can get you tons of books from Amazon for just one penny each. Generally when you do a search for a book category on their site, they won't give you a way to sort by price. This makes it hard to find the one penny books. So, has created a special Amazon One Penny Book Link for you.  Just bookmark this page or the link after you click on it, and you can get to this list any time you need a one penny book deal. Also, note that once you get to Amazon using my special link (above) you can drill down and pick your niche within the Christian category from the right hand sidebar. You will see popular categories like marriage, men's issues, counseling, Women's issues, spiritual warfare, and worship, all for just one penny!

Leadership Smarts  Ken Blanchard  9781562921248  Books

Details On One Penny Books

Almost all of these books will come with a $3.99 shipping charge, but that is still a great deal for a book these days. Some of these are used books, but not all. Many are simply books that were released a year or longer ago and are no longer being sold at full retail. Don't fall into the trap that the only good books that have something great to offer are new ones. I find so many treasures in older books. For example, right now I am reading Chuck Norris' Book Against All Odds. I bought it for just a penny on Amazon (sorry Chuck, please don't beat me up). A great book and a wonderful Christian testimony, and it is a hardcover as well!

Against All Odds  My Story  Chuck Norris  Ken Abraham  9780805444216  Books

Financial Advice For A Penny!

Check it out, all Christian financial books for just one penny! Well, at least if you only pay one penny for financial advice, it does not take much to get a return on your investment. You can even grab a number of my older books for just one penny - James L. Paris One Penny Books!

Penny Books As Gifts And More

This would be a great way to begin or add to your church library. In addition to my own reading, many times I will buy one penny books to give as gifts. If you take a little time and find out a person's hobbies, etc.. you can really make their special day with a book that they will love. A carefully selected book based on a person's interest or favorite author is always a winner. Another thing that you can do is donate your penny books to your church or a local library when you are done reading them (or just pass along to a friend).

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