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I love the new Kindle Fire. For the money, you just can't beat the device (and it does everything a desktop or laptop can do and more). Most people do not fully appreciate that the Kindle Fire is just as powerful as an iPad. I have to tell you, however, that I have always been one to like a keyboard in front of me. I am terrible at texting on my phone, and I am even worse at typing on the screen of an iPad or my Kindle Fire. 


I just discovered that there is a keyboard now available for the Kindle Fire. With everything that you can already do with the Kindle Fire, this truly makes it like a mini laptop. There is even a free word processing app that you can use when typing documents!  One way to make the deal even better is to do a search in the Amazon Warehouse for a discounted Kindle Fire. I also even noticed some discounted Fire keyboards in the Amazon warehouse as well (around $35). 


So, if you go with an open box/used keyboard and Kindle Fire, you can 'build your own mini laptop' for under $100. One note - be careful to be sure that your Kindle Fire is compatible with your selected keyboard (the details on this are pretty clear in the keyboard description).

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