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Amazon Flipping Update

I have been buying offline and reselling on Amazon for several months now. I have made so many mistakes, but seem to have mastered this whole platform now. I want to share with you some of the real game-changers for me, and also some recent examples of actual items I have bought and resold.


Amazon Discount Shipping

In the very beginning I did not use the Amazon discount shipping option available to Amazon FBA resellers. It was right there in my dashboard, but when they said 'discounted shipping' I thought it was something minor (like 5 or 10 percent off). I could not have been more wrong. In fact, I have written about the fact that I have shipped 30 pounds boxes to Amazon for $8 to $9. The guy at the local UPS Store told me he would have had to charge me more than $50. He added, "I just don't know how Amazon can do this for you at these prices..." 

Buying Items Without Using My Smartphone App

As is the case with a lot of things, you can really get burned when you get away from the fundamentals. One simple step that you can't skip is scanning items before you buy. It is easy to get lazy and just start filling up a cart when you are at a thrift shop. I have even made the mistake of convincing myself that if I don't sell an item on Amazon I can always sell it over at eBay. It is true, in theory, that you have eBay as a backup platform. The dynamics and profit margins at eBay are quite different (and much more challenging). The app that I use is FBA scan and it is availble for both iPhone and Android. You must stay disciplined and only buy items you an resell for at least 3 times what you are paying. FBA Scan also offers a free trial, if you want to kick the tires.  

Recent Successes

The more stuff I buy and resell, the better and better I get at it. I do very well with books. Being an author, and an avid reader, I am drawn to the book rack in any thrift shop I walk into. The trick with books is to look for the odd or unusual book in the stack. The great thing about buying books to resell is that books are cheap. Most of the time they are 3 for $1. This means I am paying only 33 cents for a given book.

Payments - Amazon Seller CentralThis is a transaction from my account (see above) this week. This was a textbook that I bought at a local Goodwill and it sold for $24.99. With all fees taken out, my net was more than $16. I have done this over and over and over again. Note: you can click on any of the screenshots I am using in this article to enlarge them.

Last week I was in Daytona Beach and had an hour to kill. I walked into the Goodwill there and found a stack of unopened LEGO sets for $3 each. I scanned one and saw that this was a slam dunk and bought all six kits. I think I have already sold them all within less than a week at Amazon (see below). I am pocketing about $8 profit on each one. Almost $50 in profit on just these LEGO sets.

Payments - Amazon Seller Central (1)There is kind of a strange backstory on these LEGO sets. The clerk told me that Target donates these to Goodwill after they change their inventory seasonally. She said they get this kind of merchandise all of the time from Target. OK, it makes no sense to me. Why would target give this merchandise to Goodwill? Why does Goodwill sell this stuff for so little? Maybe I ask too many questions...

Another item I do very well with are what I might call 'random electronics and computer parts.' Take a look at the screenshot below. I ran across this a couple of weeks ago at a local Goodwill in St. Augustine. It is some kind of a computer part, but it looked like someone had this for a few years. It was still in the box, but I assumed it was likely too old to be worth anything. Well, I was wrong. I scanned it with the smartphone, bought it for just $6 and sold it for $34.59 on Amazon.

Payments - Amazon Seller Central (2)As you can see, my net profit on this controller card kit (whatever that is) was about $23.

Special Bonus Offer 

All new subscribers will receive the new videos I recently filmed on product sourcing from China. On top of these two new videos on product sourcing from China, I want to include a book that has been an invaluable resource for me - The Official Success Guide. This is a 288 page hardcover book.

As a new member of my Amazon Flipping course, I also want to send you two additional bonuses:

Bonus #2 Barcode Scanner

Having a desktop barcode scanner saves me hours of work when adding retail items to my Amazon inventory. While you won't need this for your products imported from China, it will be invaluable to you when flipping items bought from retail stores, or even thrift shops. If you can find a barcode on the product, just scan it and you can quickly add it to your Amazon inventory.

Tera USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Reader Bar Code Scanner Scanning Handheld Laser Id Upc Ean Hight Speed 

Bonus #3 Pro Shipping Scale 

At first I resisted dealing with my own shipping, but it was a foolish mistake. I learned that by using the discount shipping within my Amazon reseller account, I could save an enormous amount on shipping. With your own scale, you can prepare a shipment in about 2 to 3 minutes. Just weigh your box and measure it. Next, simply print out your shipping label. You can have UPS pick up the box right at your home or office, or simply drop it off at your local UPS Store. I just shipped an 18 pound box to Amazon for only $7.50! Even the guy up at the UPS Store could not believe how little the shipping costs were. This is huge, and by shipping at such low rates you are able to put all that much more money in your pocket.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

Should You Join My Training Program?

I received an e mail this week from a man considering buying my Amazon Flipping course, but he was skeptical because the price was TOO LOW. Now, you might think this is funny, but I get this reaction all the time on many of our training programs. I have often thought I should just raise my prices and make people happy. 

The one time cost for our new deluxe Amazon Flipping Package is just $249. This includes our 6 videos, plus the new videos on how to buy from China, membership in our private Facebook group, and unlimited Q and A support for 60 days. Use Coupon code FLIPDISCOUNT and save $75 (through Monday night at Midnight). Grab our complete deluxe system for only $174!  Plus FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR BONUS GIFTS!

*** Ordering Note: After inserting coupon code FLIPDISCOUNT click 'Apply' and be sure the price is reduced by $75 before finalizing your order. This coupon code will automatically expire Monday night at midnight Eastern.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this training program. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas contained in our training. 

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