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Al Sharpton Asks If Texas Floods Are A Judgment From God


News reports are that at least 34 are dead in the flooding in Northern Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. There are countless others missing. While families grieve the death of loved ones, lost homes, and missing family members, Al Sharpton weighs in on Twitter asking if the storm was 'God's rebuke.' 

2015-05-27_21-16-20There is most definitely a cultural divide in this country. Texas and Texans embody everything that liberals hate. The thought in recent weeks that a military exercise called Jade Helm could actually be an attack by the military against Texas has brought a lot of laughs from liberals. I don't know what to make of Jade Helm, but the idea that a map is being used in the exercise identifying Texas as 'hostile' territory strikes me as way over the line. 




Add to all of this that Sharpton appears to be one of President Obama's closest allies, having been to the White House more than sixty times during his term. It all really makes you wonder. Mr. Sharpton, please drop the title reverend. You are neither a gentleman nor a clergyman sir. Wonder when the president will renounce his good friend's statement... not holding my breath.

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