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Live Sports And News WITHOUT Cable TV

Dish Network, the popular purveyor of satellite television throughout America, has thrown its hat into the streaming service ring with its brand-new Sling Internet television service. Jim Paris speaks in depth about this latest “player” in the realm of Internet TV on the latest podcast available exclusively to members of his premium subscription service, Christian Money Plus. What makes Sling TV so notable is that it transforms the experience for the viewer, from on-demand programming to live television. Through Sling TV, viewers can enjoy live programming from a wide variety of popular channels, including AMC, TNT, the History Channel, CNN,... Read more →

The Following Commentary Originally Appeared In The ChristianMoneyPlus Members Only Newsletter For December 2014 I had a disturbing conversation with a young person this week. As is often the case at social gatherings, the issue of religion came up in conversation. This young person (who I believed to profess a faith in Christ) shared some rather disturbing comments. First, they said that the Bible cannot really be trusted as accurate. “After all, it was written by men and those that decided what books were to be included in the Bible likely had their own agenda as well. How can we... Read more →

No, the title that you just read is not a typo. I just spent a day at Walt Disney World in Florida FOR FREE. A free day at Disney may be one of the best kept secrets within the world of 'free stuff' and freebies. I thought it would be poetic to write this article to commemorate Disney's recent increase in ticket prices. A one day ticket to the Magic Kingdom is now $105 for an adult and $99 for a child (age 3 to 9)! Breaking the $100 price point for a single day has more than just psychological... Read more →

The Bilderberg Group Movie - Daniel Estulin

Author and expert on the Bildergberg Group, Daniel Estulin, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his upcoming movie. On this episode - the history of the Bilderbergs and how they influence society and politics. Barack Obama's secret visit to a Bilderberg meeting, why the mainstream media does not cover Bilderberg meetings, was Jekyll Island a precursor to the formation of the Bilderberg Group in 1954? What is the overall plan of the Bilderberg Group? Read more →