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Live Like You Are Rich On Just An Average Income

If you are like me, there is no worse feeling than finding out that someone got a better deal than you. It doesn't matter what it is. You find out that the guy sitting next to you on the very same flight bought his ticket for $100 LESS THAN YOU. Your neighbor bought a similar car FOR THOUSANDS LESS. A good friend moves to town and buys a house bigger than your own FOR LESS! The bottom line is that it really stinks to find out that you have paid too much for something.

How Far Your Money Goes Is ENTIRELY Up To You

I am simply amazed at how people pay vastly different prices for the exact same product or service. I am even more shocked at things that people are paying for that they don't even need. In a free market economy, however, where businesses are basically free to set the prices they want for the goods and services they sell, it is going to be up to YOU to ensure you're being the best steward you can of the money with which God has entrusted you,"

An Example That Should Get Your Attention

A big business these days is renting out household furnishings and electronics by the week. People walk in every day to these stores and gladly sign up for rental agreements on everything from sofas to TVs (and will pay five times or more what it would cost to simply buy the same item new). Even worse, if they bought the item slightly used they could save as much as 90% compared to renting by the week! 

You might laugh and say to yourself, "Yes, those people renting by the week are really stupid, I would never do that." While it is true that this may be the most overt example of throwing away money, there are dozens of less obvious scenarios that I would argue are just as crazy as paying $2,000 for a $399 TV. 

Just A Few Ways You Can Save Big Money Right Now

  • Replace Cable TV With Low Cost And Free Internet TV
  • Get Free Home Phone Service For Life
  • Raise Deductibles and Re-Shop All Insurance Coverage
  • Cancel Insurance You Don't Need
  • Legally Opt Out Of Obamacare And Join Christian Medical Sharing
  • Take Simple Steps To Boost Your Credit Score (Save Thousands With Lower Interest Rates)

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What Will You Do With All Of The Savings You Find?

Some people use their newfound wealth to start a vacation fund, others use the money to pay down debt, while others use this as money for investment. There is no right answer as to what to do with your own savings windfall. My only request is that you take these ideas and strategies and share them with God's people.

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