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Is There a Book in You? Becoming an Amazon-Listed Author is a LOT Easier than You Think!

We’ve met a lot of folks over the years who’ve said, “I’d like to write a book,” or, “Someday, I’ll write a book,” and if we had a dollar for each time we’ve heard something like that…we’d have a lot of dollars. According to various statistics, over three-quarters of the people walking around would like to write (or at least say they want to write) a book, which means there’s a pretty good chance that you’re in there, somewhere.


The two biggest challenges that have traditionally existed in seeing one’s name on the cover of a book are the massive roadblocks that exist for most budding authors in the form of the traditional publishing system…as well as their own inability or unwillingness to get started in actually creating a manuscript.

It Is Easier Than Ever To Become An Author Today

The good news? The challenge that was largely out of your hands to defeat, the difficulties in working around the traditional publishing system, has effectively been brought to its knees by the advent of self-publishing, particularly self-publishing in collaboration with the massive Amazon platform. Now, anyone can sidestep the traditional publishing system and still see his or her ebook listed for sale at the world’s largest book retailer.

As a matter of fact, regarding that other challenge…namely, one’s inability to punch out a manuscript…there’s good news there, too, in the form of the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course. The James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, while containing valuable information for writers of just about any experience level, was specifically designed with the new writer in mind; the course addresses the details of how to get started writing in an online format, which has come to predominate as a writing platform, as well as provides unlimited, email-based Q&A assistance on behalf of a wide variety of topics and issues…from the technical aspects associated with creating an online publication, to providing a “second opinion” on manuscript drafts, and just about anything else. Course architects Jim Paris and Bob Yetman have together written a substantial number of books and been published in multiple formats over the course of the past two-plus decades, and, in addition to their prolific work as self-published, digitally-based authors, have been “traditionally” published by some of the world’s best-known houses, including Adams Media and John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Are you one of those people who has kept “writing a book” as a part of your bucket list? Is it still on there? Would you like to finally cross it off? Better yet, would you like to write not just one ebook, but work on developing a separate stream of income for yourself as a regularly-published author of ebooks?

We’ve made it easy for people to access the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course. We have four different levels of membership, beginning at $79 and $7.95/mo. ongoing (cancelable at anytime), and, regardless of membership level, all enrollees gain access to over 20 hours of video webinar presentations (including The Shortcut Publishing Method: From Idea to Amazon in 2 Weeks, the perfect presentation for that person concerned it will take him or her forever to create a book), as well as unlimited email-based Q&A with Jim Paris and his staff.

Let Jim Paris And His Team Coach You To Success!

However, for the next few days, we’re going to “sweeten the pot” just a bit. Our two premium membership levels, the Gold and Platinum plans, each of which include complementary ebook cover design by our team, as well as the opportunity for Skype consultations with our team, normally go for $149 and $199, respectively, for an annual membership (NO monthly dues). However, until midnight, Monday, April 27, we will knock $50 off the cost of each. Plus, for Platinum level enrollees, we’ll throw in the books The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B.White, and Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark, as free gifts!


So…are you in? Are you ready to cross that “write a book” entry off of your bucket list? Are you ready to travel down a whole new path of creativity, and begin developing a whole new stream of income in the process? If so, click here now to get started.

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