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The Demon Of Brownsville Road

Author Bob Cranmer shares insights from his book, The Demon Of Brownsville Road. Cranmer left the military after 10 years of service to return to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Cranmer would go on to become a county commissioner and purchase his 'dream home' in the Pittsburgh suburb of Brentwood. After purchasing the seven bedroom Victorian home, Cranmer and his family encountered a series of strange occurences that ultimately convinced them that the house was haunted. This was not just any haunting, but Cranmer claims says that he was told by Catholic clergy that the house was inhabited by a... Read more →

We’ve met a lot of folks over the years who’ve said, “I’d like to write a book,” or, “Someday, I’ll write a book,” and if we had a dollar for each time we’ve heard something like that…we’d have a lot of dollars. According to various statistics, over three-quarters of the people walking around would like to write (or at least say they want to write) a book, which means there’s a pretty good chance that you’re in there, somewhere. The two biggest challenges that have traditionally existed in seeing one’s name on the cover of a book are the massive... Read more →

One of the great reluctances that many have in using the popular Priceline site, where travelers can bid for hotel rooms in hopes of scoring one at an upscale establishment for a bargain price, is the fear of finding themselves completely in the dark regarding what sorts of bids are actually smart to make. and are websites...forums, really…where consumers share their experiences in bidding at Priceline, and so visitors to those sites have been able to glean useful information from them; however, there’s a lot of searching and scrolling involved at these sites, which makes them far less... Read more →

Catholic Priest Convicted Of Murder - Sin, Shame, And Secrets Author David Yonke

Sister Margaret Ann Pahl was murdered in 1980 (Toledo, OH) in what appeared to be a satanic ritual. Father Gerald Robinson would eventually be convicted of the murder 24 years later. A story so shocking that it reads that a crime novel. What drove a Catholic priest to murder a nun? How did the Catholic church cover up the matter for more than two decades? How did cold case detectives bring Father Gerald Robinson to justice? Read more →

Will Bitcoin Soar Again After A Greek Financial Meltdown?

On this episode Jim discusses the upcoming expected financial collapse of Greece. What does it mean for Europe and even to our own financial markets? Will a Greek collapse return Bitcoin to its previous historical highs? Is Greece a preview of what may happen here in the U.S. if we don't take control of our exploding national debt? Jim says that now may be the time to consider leasing an electric car, and the future of Christian publishing after the bankruptcy of Christian Family Bookstore. Read more →

If you are like me, there is no worse feeling than finding out that someone got a better deal than you. It doesn't matter what it is. You find out that the guy sitting next to you on the very same flight bought his ticket for $100 LESS THAN YOU. Your neighbor bought a similar car FOR THOUSANDS LESS. A good friend moves to town and buys a house bigger than your own FOR LESS! The bottom line is that it really stinks to find out that you have paid too much for something. How Far Your Money Goes Is... Read more →

The Scandals And Conspiracies Of Bill And Hillary Clinton - Don Jeffries

Donald Jeffries, author of Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, joins Jim Paris Live. Jeffries discusses multiple scandals and cover ups of the Clintons, including the deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Also the mysterious death of associates of Monica Lewinsky. The cover up of the downing of TWA Flight 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more. Other conspiracies discussed - the JFK assassination, the mysterious death of JFK, Jr., other mysterious Kennedy deaths, and more. Read more →

Paypal To Integrate Bitcoin On this episode Jim shares his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she is running for president, the crowded field for Republicans, and who will be announcing next. More on how Jim is buying offline and selling online through, Paypal to adopt Bitcoin and other digital currencies by the end of the year, new way to drop cable TV and still get live news and sports, Christian alternatives to Obamacare, and top travel forums to help you get the best deals. Read more →

Getting Paid To Shop At Thrift Stores

If you are a regular reader, you are no doubt aware of my recent adventure that I call 'Amazon Flipping.' I stumbled across this weird business opportunity about six months ago, and it has been a very wild ride (and a lot of fun). If you have missed my updates, here are links to a variety of articles I have posted on the topic - Amazon Flipping: A Weird New Way People Are Making Money Online Finding Items To Resell - Amazon Flipping Update Amazon Flipping: Deciding What Items To Sell on eBay Instead Planning To Pocket $500 On My... Read more →

Is genuine religious freedom in the process of being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness? Has it already happened? Are gays truly seeking equal treatment under the law…or are they looking for preferential treatment as a protected class? Jim has plenty to say about this subject, as well as a host of others, including the Justice Department’s decision to allow disgraced IRS bigwig Lois Lerner to walk away scot-free, in his “Perspective” column, a regular feature of The James L. Paris Report monthly digital newsletter. Other articles in the most recent edition of the newsletter look at the rampant... Read more →

Bloomberg is reporting that the Securities And Exchange Commission has filed a fraud lawsuit against former cornerback Will Allen for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme. The suit alleges that Allen promised investors returns of as much as 18%. Allen reportedly raised $31 million dollars from investors that was to be used to make loans to professional athletes. The suit claims that Allen and his partners began using money from new investors to pay back early investors, and that millions were diverted for personal expenses. Allen's assets were frozen by the government when the suit was unsealed this week. Allen played... Read more →

One of the most popular reasons that people subscribe to our premium content site ChristianMoneyPlus, is our vast and growing content on how to drop cable TV. In our most recent podcast we discuss SlingTV, which is a new service that provides live sports, news, and a host of other channels (previously only available with a cable TV or satellite TV subscription). The base service goes for just $20 per month. I just learned that SlingTV is currently giving away basic Amazon Fire and Roku devices for subscribers that pay for three months of their subscription in advance. They are... Read more →

Did Jesus Exist? What Historians Have To Say About The Claim That He Never Lived.

On this episode – Robert Schuller, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral, died this week at the age of 88. Jim discusses Schuller’s life and legacy. Also, did Jesus of Nazareth exist? It has only ben in the last 100 years that people have begun to doubt that Jesus really lived. Is there historical proof that Jesus really existed? Can you pray for your finances? Can you even pray for a financial miracle? Jim shares insights from his bestselling book, “How To Pray For A Financial Miracle.” Read more →