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If you are a regular reader, you are no doubt aware of my recent adventure that I call 'Amazon Flipping.' I stumbled across this weird business opportunity about six months ago, and it has been a very wild ride (and a lot of fun). If you have missed my updates, here are links to a variety of articles I have posted on the topic - 

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I have developed several sources for buying items that I can turn around and resell on Amazon for a minimum of three times my purchase price. This includes buying in retail stores, garage sales, flea markets, foreign and domestic wholesalers, library book sales, and thrift stores (my favorite). I have gotten very good at quickly finding items to 'flip' at local thrift stores. I do very well with books and electronics. Each person usually finds their own niche that they end up specializing in.

I recorded a video yesterday, and I am sharing 20 minutes of it publicly (the rest is saved for those that are going through my paid training on Amazon flipping). Take a look at the video below and I think you will be convinced of how easy this really is.

I made an offer recently that included a $75 discount on my entire training program. If you missed it, I am opening this up again for this weekend. The coupon has been turned back and is good until midnight April 13, 2015.


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I should also add that this offer includes some amazing bonuses (free desktop scanner, digital shipping scale, and textbook on importing from China).

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