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Did Lois Lerner Simply Get Away With It?

Is genuine religious freedom in the process of being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness? Has it already happened? Are gays truly seeking equal treatment under the law…or are they looking for preferential treatment as a protected class? Jim has plenty to say about this subject, as well as a host of others, including the Justice Department’s decision to allow disgraced IRS bigwig Lois Lerner to walk away scot-free, in his “Perspective” column, a regular feature of The James L. Paris Report monthly digital newsletter.


Other articles in the most recent edition of the newsletter look at the rampant “fake IRS agent” scam that has fleeced millions from American taxpayers, President Obama’s proposed “student aid bill of rights,” and the recently-published ISIS “kill list,” among other topics of interest to the self-reliant, independent-thinking citizen. The James L. Paris Report monthly digital newsletter is only one of many features enjoyed by subscribers to Christian Money Plus – other benefits include access to regular, members-only podcasts, webinar trainings on a variety of personal finance subjects, unlimited email-based Q&A with Jim and his staff *, and more! For additional information about Christian Money Plus, including how to become a subscriber, Click Here!

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