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Is There a Book in You? Becoming an Amazon-Listed Author is a LOT Easier than You Think! Helps Consumers Bid Effectively on Priceline

One of the great reluctances that many have in using the popular Priceline site, where travelers can bid for hotel rooms in hopes of scoring one at an upscale establishment for a bargain price, is the fear of finding themselves completely in the dark regarding what sorts of bids are actually smart to make. and are websites...forums, really…where consumers share their experiences in bidding at Priceline, and so visitors to those sites have been able to glean useful information from them; however, there’s a lot of searching and scrolling involved at these sites, which makes them far less than perfect.

Bidding Traveler - Priceline Bidding, Better Bidding For Travel, Hotels

A big improvement in the effort to create wiser Priceline bidders now comes to us in the form of a website called With Bidding Traveler, the user inputs information (city, and check-in/check-out dates) into an online form that returns a cogently-assembled and categorized list of the hotels in that city, as well as information about each that includes recent winning bids for rooms. Bidding Traveler even comes with an “auto-bid” feature that allows the consumer to have the site bid for him at Priceline. Jim Paris, ever the bargain traveler himself, and someone who has scored numerous great deals on quality hotel rooms over the years…speaks at length about Bidding Traveler in the latest edition of the Christian Money Plus members-only podcast.

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