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Jim Paris Giving Away Tablet Computers To New Students

Jim Paris recently mused out loud, “If no one reads your ebook…does it really exist?”

While perhaps not as age-old a question as the one about the tree falling in the woods, the subject raised by Jim’s rhetorical query is one that ebook writers must constantly address. The good news about the advent of this new age in book publishing is that it is easier than ever to become a published author; the bad news? It is easier than ever to become a published author.


So, how in the world can this greatly-increased ease at becoming published serve as both good and bad news?

With the evolution of the wide variety of self-administered content platforms, courtesy of the Internet, getting published has never been simpler. Becoming an author is now something each of us can do on our own, from our own computers, without needing any approval from anyone else. You want to write a book about your family, your beliefs, or your own way of doing this or that? Gone are the days when you would have to go through the tedious, and often disheartening, process of submitting a book proposal, or even a finished manuscript, to publishers to see if any one of them might agree to publish your work.

Now, not only can you write your book on your own and publish it without first having to pass through the book publishing world’s long-standing “security gate,” you can easily upload it for sale yourself at the world’s number one book retailer. As a matter of fact, that retailer, Amazon, expressly works at making it as easy as possible for the average person to sell his book through their worldwide store.


The bad news about all of this? Because everyone can publish now, the competition for the eyeballs of the book consuming public is fierce to an unimaginable degree.

To answer Jim’s question noted at the top of this article, even if no one reads your book, yes, it does technically exist…but don’t you want to be able to tell it exists by the attention, the sales, it’s actually garnering? Of course you do.

To that end, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman have just released their latest piece of content for members of the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course, a webinar that outlines three tactical moves you can make through Amazon to pull more eyeballs to your ebook, and away from your competition’s offerings. The presentation is called Kindle Bootstrap Marketing, and it details precisely how you can facilitate these three key efforts on behalf of your ebooks at Amazon.

While this latest webinar workshop should be enough to gain any budding ebook writer’s interest in the Online Publishing Course, Jim has decided to resurrect, for this weekend only, a bonus offer on behalf of his ebook course that was presented only once before, on Black Friday 2014: This weekend, Jim will give away, as a free bonus for each new order of a Platinum Level course membership, an Amazon Fire HD6 tablet!

Why give away a tablet? Because part of becoming a successful writer is reading the work of others, and we want you to be able to do that with ease. That said, the Fire HD is much more than an e-reader; it is a stand-alone, fully-functioning tablet on which you can browse the web at great speed, watch millions of movies, take pictures, and do so much more! It even has both a front and rear camera.

As it stands, the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course provides a wealth of information and assistance to the person seeking to get started in digitally-based publishing, including over 20 hours of video webinar presentations (including the very-popular “manual” The Shortcut Publishing Method: From Idea to Amazon in 2 Weeks), unlimited email-based Q&A with Jim Paris and his staff, and much, much more. However, this weekend, until midnight on Monday, March 30, every new enrollment at the Platinum Level will receive, in addition to all of these great benefits for a year, an Amazon Fire HD tablet! What a great way to begin your journey into the wonderful world of ebooks and ebook writing!