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Does Bible prophecy actually tell us anything about the state of the U.S., and even world, economy? In Blood Moons on Wall Street, a new video presentation available exclusively to members of Christian Money Plus, Jim Paris discusses the possible cues that the secular financial community may be unknowingly taking from the Bible here in 2015.


The Shemitah refers to the Biblical Sabbath year...and coming every seven years…as celebrated in Ancient Israel, a year in which debts between the Israelites are voided and during which lands are left unattended by farmers, so that those lands may be given a chance to recover. The bases for these Shemitah-based laws are outlined in Exodus and Deuteronomy, and, if not obeyed, Scripture suggests that great turmoil will ensue. Although a blessing, the Shemitah can bring with a curse for those not following God.

While you can view the video presentation for fascinating specifics, the climaxes of the first two Shemitah of this millennium, September 2001 and September 2008, each coincided with the largest single-day declines in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in history (as of those dates). What’s more, going back seven years from 2001, to 1994, brings us to the year of a crash in the bond market that is still heavily referenced to this day; if we look back seven years before that, to 1987, we come to the year in which the world experienced so-called Black Monday…October 19, to be exact...when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 22 percent in just that single day, and many of the world’s other developed economies were also pummeled.

Adding to the relevance of the Shemitah is the matter of the current blood-moon tetrad; the blood moon tetrads are the irregular series of four total lunar eclipses wherein the refraction of sunlight by the earth’s atmosphere causes the moon to appear blood-red. Pastor Mark Biltz, an expert in the blood moon tetrads, has indicated that blood moon tetrads throughout history have coincided with important events for Jews and Israel, and Biltz has long been building a case that the fourth of the eclipses in the current blood moon tertrad will occur in late September of this year, suggesting events of great significance (even the second coming of Christ). Overlaying the final of the four eclipses in the current blood-moon tetrad with the climax of the current Shemitah suggests, for many believers, that September 2015 could be a calamitous time for the world’s economies, at the very least.

In this latest video from Jim Paris, which, again, is available only to members of Christian Money Plus (and will not be sold separately in any form outside of Christian Money Plus), Jim discusses his personal journey through the study of these elements of prophecy, his thoughts about them, and also discusses pragmatic financial moves one might consider on behalf of his or her own portfolio in light of the very real possibility of substantial economic fragility. Whether one concludes that there is great worldly significance in these Scripturally-noted events, or simply believes that the machinations of the world’s financial markets at this time are presenting a reason to exercise caution, the alternative investment options outlined by Jim in this video are useful “food for thought” for anyone.*

What should you do with your investments?

Are there any financial sectors that will actually profit if the economy collapses?

How can you put in place insurance to protect your portfolio?

Could this mean a massive increase in price for Bitcoin and other digital currencies?

Is gold an 'automatic winner' if the economy collapses?

Why you need to make decisions now, even though the exact day of the 49 year Shemitah cycle is the end of September.

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* Disclaimer: The information presented is for general information purposes only; you should always seek the advice of a qualified professional before making any changes to your personal financial portfolio.