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This Weekend…Get Serious as a Writer

Some time ago, there was an article published at the website of Entrepreneur Magazine that spoke to the profound issues an earnest young professional experienced at his first job over his inability to write well. In the article, entitled “9 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer,” the author, Steve Tobak, says pointedly that, “…you’ll never get anywhere in life unless you can write,” and further says that the advent of the Internet, with its evolutions and manifestations like social media, email, etc., make the ability to write well more important than ever. While the article is principally focused on the value of functional writing, in general, we know that aspiring, self-published authors have even more of a need to “raise their game,” as the kids say. What’s more, while becoming a self-published ebook writer as a hobby, or as a way to add a stream of income to the family, is what largely motivates many to begin, there are others who have even bigger goals…to include seeing their work published by a major book publishing house, or appear in a popular, national magazine. If you see yourself as a member of that group, then the words of Mr. Tobak surely ring true, and exceed even the level of importance he ascribes to writing well; your writing, and your approach to writing, must be top-notch.


We have very much enjoyed making available the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course for some time now. For those who may not yet be familiar with it, the course addresses the details of how to get started writing in an online format, which has come to predominate as a writing platform, as well as provides unlimited, email-based Q&A assistance on behalf of a wide variety of topics and issues…from the technical aspects associated with creating an online publication, to providing a “second opinion” on manuscript drafts, and just about anything else. Course architects Jim Paris and Bob Yetman have together written a substantial number of books and been published in multiple formats over the course of the past two-plus decades, and, in addition to their prolific work as self-published, digitally-based authors, have been “traditionally” published by some of the world’s best-known houses, including Adams Media and John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

As it stands, the James L. Paris Online Publishing Course provides a wealth of information and assistance to the person seeking to get started in digitally-based publishing, including over 20 hours of video webinar presentations (including The Shortcut Publishing Method: From Idea to Amazon in 2 Weeks), unlimited email-based Q&A with Jim Paris and his staff, and much, much more. However, this weekend, until midnight on Sunday, March 1, we are making available two special bonus packages designed to help the most earnest and diligent new writers in their quests to become the best they can be at the craft of writing, and even become bona fide, professionally-published authors! 

Bonus Package for New Gold-Level Memberships Purchased
Midnight, Sunday, March 1

Any new Gold Level membership purchased this weekend will receive two terrific bonus books about writing: The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition, and Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. These two books will be sent to you with FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING. Nearly 400 pages of essential writing tools and advice!

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Jim has handpicked the three E-Books below as additional bonuses for those that join us at the Gold Level or higher. We believe these books contain information and strategies that will put you on the fast track to starting your Kindle writing career. Also, note that the third bonus E-Book includes detailed information on how to turn your Kindle book into a print book as well!