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Why Does Jim Think A Stock Market Crash Is Coming?

In this most recent edition of the members-only Christian Money Plus podcast hosted by Jim Paris and Bob Yetman:


* Jim discusses his continued experiences and perspectives regarding his recent decision to dump cell phone provider AT&T in favor of a prepaid plan option - hear what he has to say;

* Bob and Jim weigh in on the revelation that the IRS’s audit rate of individuals is at a ten-year low, and if that means you should be doing anything different as far as your personal tax planning is concerned;

* Jim discusses why he sold all of the stock positions in his family's retirement accounts; 

* Bob highlights with Jim a recently-published list of what it takes to afford a home in America’s 27 largest cities, with the two sharing their thoughts on just how useful the information really is (or isn’t).

Coming in at nearly an hour in length, this informative and interesting podcast is available to all members of Christian Money Plus…but ONLY to members of Christian Money Plus. If you would like to listen to this audio, access the rest of the enormous (and growing) library of premium content, and enjoy unlimited, email-based Q&A with Jim and his staff on behalf of your financial questions, then pick up a membership today!

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