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If your current financial circumstances are leaving you in need of a little more dough to help make life easier for you and your family, but the idea of taking a second…or third…job is most unappealing, one option you might want to consider is something called “retail arbitrage.” The term arbitrage is used most typically in connection with formal investing, but the word, at its core, simply refers to the practice of exploiting the difference in price among different markets of a particular asset. In the case of retail arbitrage, the asset is a consumer good, and the idea is to buy that good for a lower price at one store and sell it for a higher price through another store. While it’s not possible for someone to re-sell an item through most retail stores…it is possible to do that very thing through the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, and it is the ability to do this that creates a way for you to establish another income stream to help meet your financial needs.


It was really just Jim Paris’ ever-curious nature that prompted him to become involved in this unique, but effective, method of making extra money. He’s a long-time Amazon customer, and was intrigued by the fact that items frequently listed for sale by Amazon are also listed by other sellers at Amazon, and that many of the same items offered by non-Amazon sellers were still shipped to purchasers by Amazon. From there, he traveled down a path that has seen him realize it’s possible for average individuals to become actual Amazon sellers themselves, to include having the products they’re selling shipped by Amazon to customers.



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So how much money can you make doing this? It is really up to you. While there are people who make their full-time livings doing retail arbitrage, the practice lends itself especially well to those people looking for a way to make some extra money without having to get a second job outside of the home. To help you learn more about retail arbitrage, including the practical, detailed information you need to know in order to actually do it successfully (to include ensuring that you’re buying the best items for resale and not paying too much for them), we have created an online course called Amazon Flipping. The programs now consists of webinar workshop video training totaling well over five hours, as well as admission to Jim’s private Facebook Group devoted exclusively to retail arbitrage, and 60 days of unlimited email Q&A with Jim personally. The cost of this program is $99, and while we sincerely believe that you’ll find the features of this program to be worth far in excess of that sum, we’re going to add to that value this weekend, by throwing in, as a bonus, your own desktop scanner, which you can use to completely sidestep the hassle of having to type in the bar code numbers whenever you add a new product to your inventory.


This offer…the complete Amazon Flipping program plus the bonus desktop scanner…will be good until Sunday, February 8, at midnight Eastern. Click HERE to join now!

Free Desktop Barcode Scanner With Your Order Prior To Midnight Feb 8, 2015