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The Internet is a lot more than sending emails, watching cute cat videos on YouTube, and reconnecting with old friends on Facebook. The Internet is largely how business gets done nowadays, and whether you are a work-from-home entrepreneur or an employee at a company constantly in search of ways to gain an edge over the competition, the business orientation of the Internet is something to which you should be paying particular attention.

Why Website Building Skills Will Continue To Be In High Demand

This article is not, however, simply a recitation on how important the Internet is to business; it is, really, a call to action for those who have been thinking for some time that they could do a better job of leveraging the business power of the Internet in their personal favor. There are several ways that one can use the skills associated with Internet marketing and website development to succeed as an entrepreneur, but one opportunity that we find remains vastly underexploited is that of the Internet marketing consultant to local businesses. It is stunning here in 2015 to see the number of local businesses…some in existence for many decades now…that still have no material presence on the Internet, to include not having a proprietary website of any kind. You might be thinking at this moment, “What business does not have a website nowadays?” If that’s your reaction, then you likely haven’t spent much time poking around to see how many truly local enterprises have any kind of useful presence on the Internet. Oh, sure, lots of large national and global companies have a strong presence on the Internet…but too-many-to-count businesses in your backyard have little to nothing, and your ability to assist them in gaining a formidable presence online can be a win-win for both you and the numerous, underrepresented local operations in your community.


Alternatively, perhaps you’re not an entrepreneur, but a happy employee at your company; good enough. However, even if you’re not the company’s resident Internet expert or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) representative, your ability to operate on the Internet with something more than rudimentary knowledge may well go a long way to solidifying your current position, as well as grant you a more appealing profile when it comes to advancement opportunities.

Note item #5 in “Career Doctor” Randall S. Hansen’s list of 10 Strategies for Getting Yourself Promoted: “Acquire New Knowledge and Skills.” With rapidly-increasing frequency, the ability to deftly operate within the realm of the Internet to enhance the revenue opportunities within one’s own company is something that is separating up-and-comers from the also-rans within a business. As noted, the Internet is now the primary medium through which business is largely done for so many companies, and your ability to help your place of employment with expert knowledge in a variety of different Internet-based marketing techniques and strategies may well prove to be a career difference-maker for you, in the long run.

Moving Up the Ladder  10 Strategies for Getting Promoted

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for another solid opportunity to which to apply your vision, or a company man (or woman) who’s seeking to both help the business as well as gain even greater appreciation from those for whom you work, consider enrolling in the James L. Paris Internet Marketing and Website Development Course. This has been our benchmark program offering for going on seven years now – a membership program packed with hundreds and hundreds of hours of archived webinar workshop trainings, access to several new webinar workshop trainings each month, unlimited email-based support to assist you with all of your Internet marketing and website development questions, and lots, lots more; it is all available to you for an initial cost of $149, and a recurring, monthly charge of just $9.95 per month.

Special Bonus Offer through Midnight of this Sunday, February 15! 

While the James L. Paris Internet Marketing and Website Development Course remains an outstanding bargain in and of itself, we thought we’d have some fun this weekend and sweeten the pot just a bit with a couple of bonus materials to help you to jumpstart your foray into professional Internet marketing and website creation. So…for those who enroll by midnight of this coming Sunday, February 15, we will send you, as a bonus, the book WordPress Webdesign for Dummies, as well as the book How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit. 


At nearly 400 pages, WordPress Webdesign for Dummies is an excellent complement to the material featured in the course, as so much of what we do is centered on the popular WordPress content management system that allows you to easily create websites and blogs. Regardless of why you want to become proficient at Internet marketing and website-building…for personal reasons, to start a business, to gain additional skills for your job, to help your church spread its message, or something else entirely…becoming well-versed in WordPress is likely going to be important for you, and you will surely find this book to be an invaluable resource to that end.


For those particularly interested in helping local businesses…maybe even your own…become giants in the community, How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit is a compelling guidebook. One of the ways that local businesses “score” on the Internet is when they can sit atop the Google search results for whatever it is they do. SEO is an abbreviation of “search engine optimization,” which refers to the techniques one can apply to enhance the visibility of a website or blog in search results, and local SEO is all about how to increase that visibility when going up against other businesses in the same, local marketplace. With How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit, author Casey Meraz has written a step-by-step guide for local business owners, as well as for Internet marketing consultants to local businesses, on how to crowd out the local competition in the realm of the all-important search engine results.

We’ve never before made these books available as bonus materials on behalf of the program, but we’re thrilled to be doing it now. If you have ever harbored any interest in becoming something more than an Internet “spectator,” this is a great weekend to take action. To enroll as a member and gain immediate access to the enormous…and growing…resources of the James L. Paris Internet Marketing and Website Development Course, including the unlimited email support…AND both the WordPress Webdesign for Dummies and How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit bonus books, Click Here.

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