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Buying From China And Selling On Amazon

*** Update April 2, 2015: I am excited to report back now that I have received the various products that I bought from China and any last bit of skepticism I had is now gone. We have also made an investment in some new training that we are going through all about finding wholesale sources for products. We are opening up the offer (listed below) until Monday night April 6th at midnight Eastern. I am also going to do a live webinar next week where I will be taking questions from students of this training program. This would be an excellent time to jump on board if you have been considering joining me in the extremely unique method of making money online.

If you have been following my series of articles on Amazon Flipping, you are already familiar with the general concept. We find find products that we can sell on Amazon for 2 1/2 to 3 times our cost. I have already covered in my prior articles the myriad of places you can find merchandise to flip. 

  • Your own used items
  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sales
  • eBay
  • Retail store clearance items 

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Retail Flipping Still Works!

For me, the hardest part of this to believe was that items bought at retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreens could be resold on Amazon for 2 1/2 to 3 times the purchase price. Now, I regularly grab clearance items at retail stores and flip them on Amazon for a nice profit (Yes, hard to believe but true). This is still quite a viable opportunity, but it is limited. Working this angle is likely to result in earning hundreds of dollars per month, but you will probably not break four figures (still a great little part time gig). The other factor in working this side of the opportunity is that you have to be in the proverbial right place at the right time to get in on clearance priced items. 

Buying Directly From China

It may seem a bit exotic, but buying from China and reselling on Amazon is the next stop on my adventure into Amazon Flipping. Yesterday I filmed a 90 minute video on how to get started importing from China through a method that allows buying in very small quantities. In fact, you can buy items just one at a time! 

I will be filming another video next week which will get into buying in larger quantities from China and getting even lower prices. Becoming an importer from China is easier than ever using the Internet. Let me offer one example. I have always loved magic tricks and it was a huge hobby of mine growing up. I have noticed a renewed interest in this niche in recent years. One of the items that I thought might be a winner is a magic set for children. Within 24 hours I was able to strike a deal to buy a magic set from China that is selling on Amazon for $27. What makes this even more interesting is that my total cash outlay to get my first 24 kits will be only $240! I can buy for $10 and sell for $27! And this does not include the chance to get even deeper discounts if I buy in larger quantities.

So, contrary to what I expected and what most people believe, you don't need thousands of dollars to get started with an import business. I was so excited this week looking at the wide array of items that could be purchased from China for such ridiculously low prices.  

Make Even More With Private Labeling

Private labeling takes things to the next level. Let's say that I buy these same magic sets and print a new box branding them as "Jim Paris' Deluxe Magic Kit." I could even put my own picture on the box. Now, the advantage to private labeling is that no one can compete against you! I would be the only one selling a magic set by this name.

One more example. As many of you know, I am very involved with Taekwondo and I spend a fair amount of money on uniforms and equipment. I found a source from China that will sell me Taekwondo uniforms for $15 each and they will also embroider them for me. So, I could start my own line of 'Jim Paris Taekwondo uniforms.' How cool would that be? 

Once you get the knack of buying from China, the possibilities are truly limitless. In addition to selling on Amazon, you could also sell on eBay. Some might even start a retail location or set up a table at a local flea market.

Destroying The Competition By Bundling

One killer technique that I cover in my videos is bundling. Let's say that you want to import yoga mats. While you can buy yoga mats from China very inexpensively, it might be a challenge going head to head against everyone else selling yoga mats on Amazon. Here is how you can destroy the competition. Put together your own yoga package. You can include a yoga mat, a water bottle, a yoga towel, and maybe a couple of stretch bands. Now, you put that up for sale as a unique value-added package. Bundling provides more value to your retail buyer and gives you a unique product that have exclusivity on.

Special Bonus Offer 

All new subscribers will receive the new 90 minute video I just filmed yesterday on product sourcing from China. Another China sourcing video will be filmed next week, and you will also have access to that video as well. On top of these two new videos on product sourcing from China, I want to include a book that has been an invaluable resource for me - The Official Success Guide. This is a 288 page hardcover book.

As a new member of my Amazon Flipping course, I also want to send you two additional bonuses:

Bonus #2 Barcode Scanner

Having a desktop barcode scanner saves me hours of work when adding retail items to my Amazon inventory. While you won't need this for your products imported from China, it will be invaluable to you when flipping items bought from retail stores, or even thrift shops. If you can find a barcode on the product, just scan it and you can quickly add it to your Amazon inventory.

Tera USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Reader Bar Code Scanner Scanning Handheld Laser Id Upc Ean Hight Speed 

Bonus #3 Pro Shipping Scale 

At first I resisted dealing with my own shipping, but it was a foolish mistake. I learned that by using the discount shipping within my Amazon reseller account, I could save an enormous amount on shipping. With your own scale, you can prepare a shipment in about 2 to 3 minutes. Just weigh your box and measure it. Next, simply print out your shipping label. You can have UPS pick up the box right at your home or office, or simply drop it off at your local UPS Store. I just shipped an 18 pound box to Amazon for only $7.50! Even the guy up at the UPS Store could not believe how little the shipping costs were. This is huge, and by shipping at such low rates you are able to put all that much more money in your pocket.

Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale, Battery and AC Adapter Included

The one time cost for our new deluxe Amazon Flipping Package is just $249. This includes our 5 1/2 hours of videos, plus the new videos on how to buy from China, membership in our private Facebook group, and unlimited Q and A support for 60 days. Use Coupon code FLIPDISCOUNT and save $75 (through Monday night at Midnight). Grab our complete deluxe system for only $174!  Plus FREE SHIPPING!

*** Ordering Note: After inserting coupon code FLIPDISCOUNT click 'Apply' and be sure the price is reduced by $75 before finalizing your order. This coupon code will automatically expire Monday night at midnight Eastern.


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