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Some time ago, there was an article published at the website of Entrepreneur Magazine that spoke to the profound issues an earnest young professional experienced at his first job over his inability to write well. In the article, entitled “9 Steps to Becoming a Great Writer,” the author, Steve Tobak, says pointedly that, “…you’ll never get anywhere in life unless you can write,” and further says that the advent of the Internet, with its evolutions and manifestations like social media, email, etc., make the ability to write well more important than ever. While the article is principally focused on the... Read more →

In this most recent edition of the members-only Christian Money Plus podcast hosted by Jim Paris and Bob Yetman: * Jim discusses his continued experiences and perspectives regarding his recent decision to dump cell phone provider AT&T in favor of a prepaid plan option - hear what he has to say; * Bob and Jim weigh in on the revelation that the IRS’s audit rate of individuals is at a ten-year low, and if that means you should be doing anything different as far as your personal tax planning is concerned; * Jim discusses why he sold all of the... Read more →

Jonathon Cahn - The Mystery Of The Shemitah

Bestsetlling author, Jonathon Cahn, joins Jim Paris Live. This year represents the seventh seven year cycle, coinciding with the four blood moons. Cahn believes it could be an apocalyptic year of major signifance, including a possible major financial crash worldwide. Does the Shemitah indicate that we are in the last days? What are the signs to look for that the appearance of the Antichrist is imminent? What role does Barack Obama play in end time events? Read more →

Terrorists Threaten Attack On Mall Of America

On this episode Jim discusses the possibility of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Kate Brown becomes the first openly bi-sexual governor, is another 'movement' beginning for the rights of bi-sexuals? Tax refund theft now reaching $5 billion dollars annually, how they are stealing your refund with the help of the IRS. U.S. Government sued for taking taxpayer refunds to settle Social Security overpayments from the 1970's. Google plans to jump into the cell phone market with a $10 monthly plan. When should you start taking your Social Security benefits? and free things you can do at Disney. Read more →

Things are rapidly changing in the world of tax return preparation. Take for example the notion of mailing in a paper tax return. More than 80 percent of tax returns are now sent to the IRS electronically. Consumer software for tax return preparation is providing more and more people a way of handling their tax filing without having to even set foot in a tax preparer's office. Should you prepare your own return? My answer is a qualified maybe. I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is simply not the same for everyone. If you have a... Read more →

*** Update April 2, 2015: I am excited to report back now that I have received the various products that I bought from China and any last bit of skepticism I had is now gone. We have also made an investment in some new training that we are going through all about finding wholesale sources for products. We are opening up the offer (listed below) until Monday night April 6th at midnight Eastern. I am also going to do a live webinar next week where I will be taking questions from students of this training program. This would be an... Read more →

Is The IRS Watching You On Facebook?

IRS problem solver, Dan Pilla, joins us to discuss his new book - How To Win Your Tax Audit. Pilla shares shocking new information about how to protect yourself from a myriad of new tax related scams. How the IRS is going high tech and collecting more information on you than ever before. Are profits on Bitcoin taxable? Should you use software or one of the national tax preparation services? What about audit chances for those operating a small business? Offshore bank accounts and the IRS, and how the IRS collects information on you - including monitoring your Facebook page. Read more →

David Cassidy Files For Bankruptcy

Former Partridge family star and teenage heartthrob, David Cassidy, filed for bankruptcy this week. Jim also discusses how he saves 75% on the cost of flowers on Valentine's Day and other special occasions throughout the year. Alex Jones' YouTube channel in jeopardy after copyright claim filed against him. Jim discusses the danger of allowing a handful of companies to control Internet content. NHL star, Steve Montador, found dead at the age of 35. Another mysterious death related to depression caused by a concussion. Will such deaths change how professional sports are played in the future? Read more →

The Internet is a lot more than sending emails, watching cute cat videos on YouTube, and reconnecting with old friends on Facebook. The Internet is largely how business gets done nowadays, and whether you are a work-from-home entrepreneur or an employee at a company constantly in search of ways to gain an edge over the competition, the business orientation of the Internet is something to which you should be paying particular attention. Why Website Building Skills Will Continue To Be In High Demand This article is not, however, simply a recitation on how important the Internet is to business; it... Read more →

Dan Harris, Author Of 10 Percent Happier, Joins Jim Paris Live

ABC News anchor, Dan Harris, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book 10 Percent Happier. Harris shares his story of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and how he found an answer through meditation. He also discusses his role as a religion reporter for ABC News, including his coverage of the Ted Haggard story. Read more →

Is The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Pornography?

Jim discusses a new kind of business of buying merchandise in retail stores and selling it on Amazon. Is Brian Williams a liar? Is he being treated unfairly? Meditation - is it for Christians? Radio Shack is bankrupt, why Amazon wants to buy hundreds of its locations. Has the latest issue Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated gone too far? Read more →

If your current financial circumstances are leaving you in need of a little more dough to help make life easier for you and your family, but the idea of taking a second…or third…job is most unappealing, one option you might want to consider is something called “retail arbitrage.” The term arbitrage is used most typically in connection with formal investing, but the word, at its core, simply refers to the practice of exploiting the difference in price among different markets of a particular asset. In the case of retail arbitrage, the asset is a consumer good, and the idea is... Read more →